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Reduce or reuse? Edmonton aims for both in new downtown energy scheme

Elise Stolte, Edmonton Journal The sun shines through steam as it rises high above the roofline of the London District Energy building. CRAIG GLOVER / CRAIG GLOVER/THE LONDON FREE PRE Summary An expert citizens’ panel just saved the city from what could have been a major...

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Alberta town hopes to pull new kind of energy from old gas well

Bob Weber, The Canadian Press, CBC News Summary There are no commercial geothermal plants currently operating in Alberta, but new research is exploring that possibility. (Canadian Press) An Alberta town is planning to pull a different kind of energy from the abandoned oil and gas...

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Airport redevelopment project taking off

Sharon Crowther, The Globe and Mail August 4, 2017 Summary Edmonton’s Blatchford project has been plagued by delays, but the heavy equipment is finally at work. It aims to set the bar for carbon-neutral living in Canada and Blatchford , a 217-hectare development on the site of the...

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Federal Infrastructure Bank Could Boost District Energy Projects

Gordon Kent, Edmonton Sun June 3, 2017 Summary The new federal infrastructure bank might help Edmonton finance district energy projects being explored for downtown and Blatchford, Mayor Don Iveson says. The Crown corporation is still being developed, but with $35-billion in federal government...