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Mayors tout the importance of energy efficiency in meeting climate goals

David Robeiro, ACEEE Summary At the North American Climate Summit this month in Chicago, city officials from several countries recognized energy efficiency as an important emissions reduction strategy. Many described how they are making it part of their climate action plans. The summit...

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£6m fund in place to help develop Cumbria’s low carbon economy

Tom Wilcox, Cumbria Crack Summary A new round of funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) has been launched to help develop Cumbria’s low carbon economy and renewable energy resources. £6.36m is being made available to help support the county’s drive to shift towards a low...

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How to approach green construction in the tropical zone

Baerbel Epp, Solar Thermal World Photo: BCA Summary While nearly zero energy projects in Europe focus on reducing heat demand, green buildings in tropical Singapore require lower cooling loads. To study and discuss methods to meet cooling needs, construction and energy experts from all...

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Optimizing Strategies through Effective Modeling

Summary Effective modeling can help your system optimize to acheive efficiency and save on energy costs. By having a hollistic approach and utilizing different tools and strategies the University of Texas at Austin is able to achieve up to 87% efficiency and keep fuel & emissions at 1976...

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Business Case for Resilient Energy System Scenarios, Industry Perspective – Thermo Systems

Summary Thermo Systems is a national, full-service control systems integration partner for energy and consumer markets. This presentation shares some of their experience with designing and implementing controls systems aimed at acheiving energy resiliency, system optimization and fiscal...

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Planning and Optimizing Energy Efficiency at University of Missouri Columbia

Summary This presentation provides an overview of the University of Missouri's 60 MW CHP campus energy system that serves over 15 million SF. The system integrates multiple fuels and optimizes overall efficiency. See some of the lessons learned while operating a large energy network in the...


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University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Summary The University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston took on a 15 MW CHP District energy system re-design and renewal after Hurricane Ike. Resiliency and efficiency were key design and construction considerations for the project. This presentationprovides project highlights and lessons...


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Microgrids as a Service A New Approach to Unlock More Efficiency, Better Sustainability, and Higher Resiliency

Summary This session will discuss how municipal, district, institutional, commercial campus or large buildings can benefit from a “Microgrid-as-a-Service” (MaaS) business model approach to stabilize their long-term energy costs and upgrade critical energy infrastructure without up-front...


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Microturbine CHP in Microgrids

Summary Small-scale CHP systems are increasingly being incorporated into microgrid designs due to their operattonal flexibility, ability to baseload, high efficiency, and reliability. Microturbine-based CHP systems have beein installed in several high profile microgrids in recent years, such...


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UK hospitals to save £1.3m per year with CHP

Tildy Bayar, Decentralized Energy Summary A UK hospital trust is set to save as much as £1.3m ($1.7m) per year through an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) with Veolia that includes two combined heat and power(CHP) units. For the Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, which has 734 beds...