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We are all Connected! Towards a Smarter Energy System

Paul Voss, Euroheat & Power Summary This article is part of our special report Decarbonising Europe’s heating sector . It’s a time of transition and change in Brussels and the climate and energy arena is awash with new ideas, ambitions and personalities. Though it may not yet...

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Lithuanian District Heating celebrates its 80th anniversary

Dr. Valdas Luk oševičius, Euroheat & Power Summary 12 June marked the 80th anniversary of the first district heating system launched in Lithuania. It is a great opportunity to look back and review the development of Lithuanian DH sector. To assess achievement and confidence in the...

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Crowdfunding as a novel financial tool for district heating projects

TEMPO Project, Euroheat & Power Summary The district heating and cooling sector is in full evolution towards decarbonisation alongside an in creasing share of renewable sources. This scenario entails new challenges above all from the point of view of the market. From a publicly-owned DHC...

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Full decarbonisation of heating and cooling is cost-effective with existing technologies, says EU research

Euroheat & Power Summary Heat Roadmap Europe (HRE4), an EU-funded research initiative, proves that the heating and cooling sector can be fully decarbonised based on technologies and approaches which already exist, are market-ready and have successfully been implemented in Europe. The...

39th Euroheat & Power Congress

39th Euroheat & Power Congress Our industry is moving forward and continuing to grow into 2019 and, #19EHPcong is where the industry comes together to plan for the future and keep this success story going. Join hundreds of other District Energy leaders and likeminded professionals at the...

 05-06-2019 08:30 - 05-08-2019 16:00 FR

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European heating sector well positioned for renewables integration

Diarmaid Williams , Decentralized Energy July 17, 2017 Summary The recently released Euroheat & Power Country By Country Survey shows plenty of evidence that district heating can flourish further under the ongoing energy transition. In the preface to the survey, Paul Voss, Managing...

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What Can We Learn by Comparing Energy Transitions in Europe and North America

Paige Davis, IDEA July 14, 2017 Our members are always on the move, and this summer we have been too. IDEA started the summer with a visit to Glasgow, UK to attend the Euroheat & Power Congress held on May 14-17. While attending, IDEA’s President and CEO, Rob Thornton was interviewed by...