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Improving Water Efficiency Through Capacitive Deionization

Summary Capacitive Deionization technology is used to reduce dissolved ion concentration, thus lowering the makeup water conductivity prior to use in an evaporative cooling system. A typical 50% ion reduction allows the operating cycles of concentration to be safely doubled. Track 4D:...


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Evapco Expands Line of Low-Charge Ammonia Chillers

Ammonia21 Summary U.S. OEM Evapco has announced the expansion of its LCR-C line of low-charge packaged ammonia chillers, adding capacity and larger compressors for production and process cooling as well as air conditioning in a range of industrial applications. Evapco, based in Taneytown,...

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Design Considerations for Achieving Optimum Cooling Tower Performance

Summary The cooling tower performance has a determining impact on the operation of a cooling plant. Any deficiency of the cooling tower performance will automatically been translated on lower plant efficiency. A few critical elements which can have an impact are: The cooling tower...


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Simplifying the Selection of Thermal Energy Storage for District Cooling

Summary Increasingly, district cooling providers around the globe are incorporating thermal energy storage into their plant design. There are many benefits or reasons to do so making the initial decision easy. But, selecting the best or most appropriate technology can be more difficult. This...


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Understanding FM Global’s New Approval Standard for Cooling Towers

Speakers Steve Benz, Evapco Don Dobney, EvapTech #CampusEnergyConference #2014 #ConferenceProceeding #Evapco #EvapTech #DistrictCooling

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Thermal Energy Storage Types, Advantages and Best Practices for Optimizing Chilled Water Dispatch

Speakers Steve Benz, EVAPCO #2016 #ThermalEnergyStorage #Evapco #CoolingConference #Workshop #DistrictCooling #ConferenceProceeding


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Increase District Cooling Plant Capacity by Adding Thermal Ice-Storage

Summary When building a new district cooling plant the future requirements are not always easy to predict. After a few years of operation the district cooling company may see additional potential business but can’t provide extra cooling capacity because the plant capacity is already...