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IWCC Board gives bond proposal final approval

Tim Johnson, The Daily Nonpareil Summary The Iowa Western Community College Board of Trustees voted unanimously Monday to request a special election on a bond issue of $11.5 million to finance replacement of the steam heating system on the Council Bluffs Campus. The election will be...

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Life Cycle of Chiller Plant - Cool Climate

Summary Chiller plants operated in cooler climates often do not operate during the winter months as air-side economizers or free-cooling is utilized in university campus buildings. This condition results in cooling tower systems exposed to corrosion in metal surfaces where corrosion resistant...


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Converting an Ice-Storage Plant from Ammonia to Traditional Refridgerent

Summary Facility was a heat pump hot/chilled water plant utilizing ammonia direct ice storage tanks in combination with centrifugal water chiller. EPA and local regulation changes required operational changes leading to rethinking chiller equipment. Life Cycle Costs of refrigerant were equal....