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City of Münster exploring geothermal for heating network

Think GeoEnergy Summary The local utility of the city Münster in Germany has been working hard on the climate-neutral generation of electricity, yet is also intensively involved in decarbonising the heat supply for the city. Now, Stadtwerke Münster together with the Fraunhofer IEG are...

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Wärtsilä completes 100MW combined heat and power plant for German utility

Power Engineering International Summary Technology firm Wärtsilä has announced that it has completed and handed over a 100MW combined heat and power plant to German utility Kraftwerke Mainz-Wiesbaden (KMW). Wärtsilä supplied and built the plant on a full engineering, procurement, and...

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Germany energy regulator to close 4,788MW of coal plants

Energy Summary Germany’s energy regulator says as much as 4,788MW of coal-fired power generation capacity will cease to be marketable from January 1, as part of a policy to take carbon-polluting capacity out of the market, according to a Reuters report. The move reflects Germany’s...

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Turboden signs order with E.ON for geothermal power plant

Energy Global Summary The 4 MWe ORC turbogenerator will exploit geothermal brine from deep geothermal wells, to produce power that the German Company FG Geothermie GmbH will sell to the local grid. The saving of CO 2 emissions per year is estimated to be approximately 13 850 tpy. The...

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Study in Germany on flexibility of combined geothermal heat and power generation

ThinkGeoEnergy Summary The Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) of Germany has shared a new study on deep geothermal energy on its website. It examines the extent to which geothermal-based electricity and heat systems can be used to flexibly cover electricity requirements and, above...

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German Firms May Add 134 GW of Capacity by 2030 – BDEW

Montel Summary Germany’s energy sector could add 117 GW of renewables and 17 GW of combined heat and power (CHP) capacity by investing EUR 322bn in the next decade, lobby group BDEW said. But first the government has to cut regulations, the energy lobby group said. The additional capacity...

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Germany’s geothermal sector is struggling to take off

Clean Energy Wire Summary In Munich, south of the city centre along the Isar River, one of the largest geothermal heating plants in Europe is under construction and on schedule to begin supplying 80,000 citizens in the Bavarian capital with heat and cooling services in 2021. The...

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Biomass partnership on horizon for Namibia

The Nambian Summary GERMANY will begin a study to establish a reliable, long-term and sustainable supply chain for purchasing biomass from Namibia on a large scale. In a statement issued by the Namibia Biomass Industry Group (N-BiG) on Tuesday, the group revealed that the prospective...

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How Lenovo is cooling tomorrow’s sustainable supercomputers – with warm water Summary As the power demand for high-performance computing (HPC) increases, the chilled solution to avoid overheating thousands of servers turns out to be their own wastewater. The Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) in Munich, Germany, is no ordinary supercomputer. Sure,...

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Swiss heating coop plans to invest $51m in expansion of geothermal district heating

ThinkGeoEnergy Summary Wärmeverbund Riehen, a local heating coop in the Swiss-German border region is looking at expanding its geothermal district heating operations with planned additional drilling and an investment of up to USD 51 million. The local heating cooperation in Riehen , a...