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Policies to Accelerate Development of Microgrid Projects

Summary Overview of MRC activities to support and streamline microgrid project development & finance. Update on MRC activities in Hawaii and California: Adopting microgrid tariffs, removing departing load charges, creating rational standby charges Track: Microgrid Workshop ...

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Control Strategies for Operating Rooms and Critical Spaces

Summary A sophisticated analysis and review of precise HVAC control methodology to achieve exceptional control and energy efficiency for critical areas such as operating rooms, laboratories and other areas that have precise temperature, humidity, and pressurization requirements. This...


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Universities Reduce Cost and Carbon Footprint of their Stack Monitoring Systems

Summary Universities and Industrial Campus Power Plants with boilers and combustion turbines are required to demonstrate emission compliance by continuously monitoring their stack emissions. Historically this has been accomplished utilizing a Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEM). Now,...


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Cost Savings and Decarbonization with CHP

Summary Solar Solar Turbines has supplied more than 100 turbines as the core of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants to numerous Universities and Colleges around the world. A CHP plant, alone or in conjunction with renewables, serves to drive down energy costs and increase reliability, while...


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Cogeneration as a Path to a Clean Energy Future: Adelphi University

Summary New York’s Adelphi University implemented CHP technology within a deep energy retrofit project. After completion, Adelphi not only achieved a 40% energy bill reduction, but also achieved a 30% GHG emissions reduction, increased resiliency and energy independence, all within an eight...


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Trigeneration at University of Minnesota: Installation of a Modern Absorption Chiller

Summary Utilizing the benefits of a recently added combustion turbine with heat recovery, the University of Minnesota considered multiple options for additional cooling capacity. NV5 teamed with the University to meet this requirement. Based on favorable life cycle cost analysis and...


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Not All Microgrids Are Created Equal: Northeastern University’s Blueprint for Resiliency

Summary Colleges and Universities are embracing energy modernization on campuses around the U.S., knowing that there has to be a better and more sustainable way to generate and consume energy. Hear from the campus energy decision maker at Northeastern University on how they plan to implement...


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UC Davis Chilled Water, Thermal Storage and Building Integrated Optimization Project

Summary UC Davis executed an integrated approach to campus energy reduction by combining chilled water plant and thermal storage system optimization with building controls optimization and a data-driven machine learning measurement and verification. The innovative procurement method required...


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Optimizing Renewable Energy Sources for Campus District Energy

Summary A biomass combined heat-and-power system is being designed to be the core component of a University's campus Central Utility Plant, complementing a suite of other renewable energy infrastructure that includes geothermal heating and solar PV. The CUP is anticipated to serve as a...


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Phasing Required for Adding CHW Capacity and Replacing Aging Infrastructure for an Urban Campus

Summary Due to expected campus growth, the University of Pittsburgh’s existing chilled water system will no longer have enough firm capacity to meet the future campus demand. A combination of existing plant upgrades and a new chilled water generation facility as well as extensive distribution...