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How to approach green construction in the tropical zone

Baerbel Epp, Solar Thermal World Photo: BCA Summary While nearly zero energy projects in Europe focus on reducing heat demand, green buildings in tropical Singapore require lower cooling loads. To study and discuss methods to meet cooling needs, construction and energy experts from all...

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IEA analyst: A heating and cooling target ‘could make a big difference’

Sam Morgan, Euractive Factors like cheaper installation costs and appliances mean that renewables will be hard-pressed to outdo natural gas in heating. But systems like district heating could help level the playing field. [Shutterstock] Summary As talks on the EU’s renewable energy...

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District heating shows lower total socio-economic cost in future energy system

Baerbel Epp, Solar Thermal World Graph: Aalborg University Summary What would the economic impact on a future energy system be if one were to unlock the full solar thermal potential in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Italy? According to a study conducted by Aalborg University as part of...

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Governance Models Workshop: Enabling Policies

Speakers Anna Chittum , Gridkraft #2017 #Workshop #GovernanceModels #AnnualConference #InternationalEnergyAgency #Gridkraft #PolicyandRegulation


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Stake holder Engagement

Summary This video presentation from the Carbon Trust, UK covers the importance of stakeholder engagement in DE projects and strategies for successfully managing the complexity of diverse stakeholders and their assumptions. Speaker Helen Andrews Tipper, Carbon Trust ...

8a_Stakeholder_Helen IDEA Video.mp4