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Amazon to invest in 115MW wind facility in Ireland

Power Technology Summary Digital giant Amazon has planned to expand its renewable energy sourcing capacity in Ireland by investing in a new 115MW wind farm project in Ardderroo, Galway. The Galway wind facility is slated to become operational in 2022. Once...

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EESL to invest £150 million in UK, Ireland this year

Eastern Eye Summary INDIAN energy firm Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a joint venture of PSUs under the Ministry of Power, will invest £150 million in the UK and Ireland markets in 2020 through its UK joint venture EnergyPro Assets Limited (EPAL). The fresh investment will be...

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‘There are huge opportunities for Ireland in the energy sector’

Silicon Republic Summary Donna Gartland of Codema discusses Dublin’s low-carbon transition, what we can learn from our European neighbours, and how an electrical internship led her into the energy sector. Donna Gartland is CEO of Codema, where she is responsible for driving the organisation...

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Make use of Ireland’s natural advantage’ for bioenergy

Agriland Summary The next government has been called on to make use of Ireland’s “considerable natural advantage” for growing bioenergy fuel crops to meet its 2030 emissions targets and get up to speed on renewable energy. The Irish Bioenergy Association (IrBEA) in recent weeks has...

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Poland and Iceland Expand Their Cooperation for Geothermal Heating Projects.

Hydrogen Fuel News Summary The countries plan to boost their partnership in using this renewable energy to warm Polish homes. Iceland and Poland have broadened their renewable energy cooperation to bring geothermal heating projects to heat polish homes and businesses. Iceland’s...

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Amazon Announces Two More Renewable Energy Projects

eSellerCafe Summary Amazon announced the company’s 65th and 66th renewable energy projects. The company’s newest renewable energy project in the EU will be located in Cork, Ireland, and will be the second Amazon Wind Farm in the Republic of Ireland. Once complete, the new wind farm will...

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Majority of Ireland's heat demand could be covered by district heating networks - study

Engineers Journal Summary A major study into Ireland's heating sector has found that up to 57% of the country's heat demand could be covered by district heating networks if the necessary government regulations were in place. The results of the ‘Heat Atlas for Ireland’ study will be...

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10% of Ireland's energy came from renewable sources but it is not nearly enough, according to SEAI

RTE Summary More than 10% of Ireland's total energy came from renewable sources in 2017, according to a report by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. 2017 was a record year for renewables on the Irish electricity grid, despite that, Ireland will not meet 2020 renewable energy...

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Kilkenny LEADER Partnership offers €100,000 plus in supports for top Kilkenny Energy Town

Brian Keyes, Kilkenny People Summary KILKENNY is leading the way in a countywide sustainable and renewable energy competition with a €100,000 plus prize fund which the organisers hope could catch on not just in Ireland but has the potential to be replicated globally. Kilkenny LEADER...

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Four Dublin councils unveil plans to fight climate change

Kevin O'Sullivan, The Irish Times Summary Local authorities in Dublin have jointly unveiled extensive climate action plans, which include a move to reduce carbon emissions by 40 per cent by 2030 – a more ambitious target than that being pursued by the State. Each of the four councils,...