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Seeking Heat in Sewage

Summary Excess energy in the sewer system can be recovered and used to heat buildings. Using this energy is an economical means of displacing natural gas and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as demonstrated by the Southeast False Creek system in Vancouver. Municipalities in the Metro...

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Best Practices for Distribution Piping Design

Summary Distributed piping system (DPS) remains an integral part of any DES and carries the biggest unknown / challenges for any new or expanding system. This presentation will compare steam, hot water and ambient DPS and discuss industrial best practices during planning, design and...


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Hydraulic Analysis: The Extra Kilometer

Summary This presentation provides answers for how hydraulic analysis applies to district energy systems. Speakers Ayman Fahmy, Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Jason Owen, City of Surrey #Operations #HotWater #Surrey #ConferenceProceeding #AnnualConference #DistrictHeating ...


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District Heating System Expansion with Reinforced Crosslinked Polyethelyne (PEX R) Piping

Summary With long piping spools and streamlined joint connections, Crosslinked Polyethelyne Piping (PEX-R) has the potential to significantly reduce the installed cost for distribution networks. In fall 2016, with KWL as the engineer and Division 15 Mechanical as installer, PEX-R piping was...


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