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Canadian communities are tapping into greener ways to heat and cool buildings

Emily Chung, CBC News Summary During the cold, snowy winters in much of Canada, many of us rely on furnaces, boilers and baseboard heaters to keep our homes and offices comfortable — and hope they don't suddenly quit during a cold snap. But what if you didn't need any heating equipment in...

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Solar? Geothermal? Garbage? 6 climate-friendly ways to heat and cool buildings

Emily Chung, CBC News Summary Using local energy sources such as lake water, wood waste or even garbage to heat and cool buildings is one way for communities to cut their greenhouse gas emissions — the goal of this week's UN climate summit. In district energy systems , instead of...

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Jason Kita: Richmond energy system leads municipal climate change fight

Municipal World Summary The City of Richmond ’s award-winning district energy project, at least as Jason Kita sees it, strongly positions the British Columbia municipality as a North American leader in finding innovative solutions to the growing climate change emergency. Kita, Director...

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New facility at City of Vancouver's landfill in Delta to create renewable natural gas

Kenneth Chan, Daily Hive Summary Greenhouse gases stored within the heaping pile of garbage in the Vancouver Landfill at the southeast corner of Burns Bog in Delta will be captured and turned into an energy source. In a release, the City of Vancouver announced today it has received...

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West Village District Energy Centre & Park an award-winning build

Jean Sorensen, Journal of Commerce Summary Two award-winning construction firms are helping the city of Surrey take a significant stride toward its objective of building Canada’s largest district energy heating system with their work on the West Village District Energy Centre and Park...

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Exploring the potential for District Heating in Metro Vancouver

Summary Workshop 1 Session Speakers Lillian Zaremba, Metro Vancouver #2018 #ConferenceProceeding #AnnualConference #Workshop #Sustainability #Vancouver #BritishColumbia #Canada #MetroVancouver


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Effluent Heat Independent Thermal Energy Contract

Summary In the fall of 2017, Metro Vancouver and the Lonsdale Energy Corporation executed a contract for the sale and purchase of thermal energy from a new effluent heat recovery plant to be owned and operated by Metro Vancouver. Presentation will examine many elements of this unique project: ...