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Don't Let the Value of District Energy Stay Buried With Your Pipes - Expose the Value!

Summary Customer Lifecycle - Sales Prospect (District Energy Benefits) - New Customer (On-Boarding) - Maturing Customer (Relationship Management/added value services) - Aging Customer (Renewal) - District Energy Benefits - Budget Predictability - Capital Avoidance - Risk Mitigation -...


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Challenge: Can a District Heating System Cut City Water Use by 80%?

Summary Focus on water conservation in California, the district heating system needed to find a way to reduce boiler makeup water use. With a grant from City of San Francisco, participation from BART, NRG is installing new groundwater recovery system to a nearby subway station that could...


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Challenges of Integrating CHP into High-rise Office Towers

Summary Integrating CHP into high-rise office buildings presents a set of difficult challenges. Siting CHP units within the building and designing adequate cooling air, combustion air, vibration and sound attenuation and exhaust compete for precious floor space and building exterior surface...

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Hydraulic Modeling of NRG Energy Center Downtown Minneapolis System

Summary The NRG Energy Center Minneapolis has developed a hydraulic model of their chilled water distribution system. It will be used for management, operation, engineering and maintenance of the 40,000 ton downtown system. Real-Time hydraulic modeling is a cornerstone of this new platform....

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NETL Helping To Bring Fuel Cell System To Pittsburgh

Press Release, National Energy Technology Laboratory, US Department of Energy Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power Generation Unit The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), as part of its support for the City of Pittsburgh’s initiative to become a global leader in clean energy...

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FuelCell Energy announces project with NRG Energy Centre

Joanna Sampson, Gas World Summary FuelCell Energy, Inc. will collaborate with NRG Energy Centre in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to host a fuel cell power plant under a previously awarded US Department of Energy contract. NRG is a member of IDEA. The proposed power plant will deliver...

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NRG Energy’s Sustainable Workplace Goals and Performance

Press Release, 3BL Media July 12, 2017 NRG Energy's 2016 Sustainability Report The energy future we envision requires involvement from all our approximately 8,500 full-time employees (as of Dec. 31, 2016). Providing a sustainable work environment helps us align our actions with our...

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The Challenges of Constructing and Operating a Multi-Phase Chilled Water Plant Under a City Street

Presenters Gary Cheek, NRG Energy #NRGPhoenix #Ice #DistrictCooling #AnnualConference #2017 #ConferenceProceeding #NRG


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NRG Energy Has a Secretive Distributed Energy Optimization Platform, Called SpaceTag

Jeff St. John, Greentech Media April 14, 2017 Summary A stealthy, in-house analytics effort by NRG will link a 60-megawatt energy efficiency, demand response and thermal storage deployment for Southern California Edison. What’s the best combination of distributed resources for every...