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Funding of up to EUR 70 million by EIB to support Dutch district heating projects

Think GeoEnergy Summary The European Investment Bank (EIB) and Asper Investment Management Ltd. have signed an investment agreement worth EUR 30 million for investments in four district heating projects in the Netherlands. This agreement will enable the EIB to consider additional investments...

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Dutch Biomass Plant Generates 90% Lower NOx Emissions than Natural Gas

Energy News Live Summary A new biomass-fired combined heat and power plant, which produces heat and electricity in Andijk, the Netherlands, emits 90% less nitrogen oxide (NOx) than a similar natural gas power plant. That’s according to measurements taken by an independent and...

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Greenhouse growers in the Netherlands look at repurposing gas wells to utilize geothermal energy

Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy Summary As reported locally, greenhouse growers in Klazienaveen, Netherlands have set their eyes on the utilisation of geothermal energy. Tullip Energy from Amsterdam wants to convert two old NAM gas wells in the Rundedal in Klazienaveen-Noord for the...

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Ammonia to heat homes in the Netherlands

Charlotte McLaughlin, AMMONIA21 Summary Hengelo, a Dutch city in the east, has nearly completed a new district-heating network using ammonia heat pump technology. “We have delivered our second decentralised energy centre: ‘DEC Noord’,” Rolf Broekman, a consultant at Qirion, told ammonia21...

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Government of Netherlands to financially participate in geothermal development

Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy Summary The government will participate financially in projects to extract geothermal heat for the heating of houses and buildings. In the coming years, the cabinet wants to start taking residential areas off the gas and geothermal heat or geothermal energy...

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Interview with Frank Schoof on geothermal development success in The Netherlands

Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy Summary Geothermal energy utilisation in The Netherlands has been experiencing a tremendous growth in recent years, mainly due to the development of policy instruments that tackled barriers such as geological uncertainty and the difficulty in ensuring...

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15 MWth Biomass Heat Plant in Lelystad Begins Operation

Renewable Energy Magazine Summary The 15 MWth wood-fired heating plant in Lelystad, the Netherlands, turnkey supplied by HoSt and commissioned by heat supplier Primco, has begun producing stainable heat for the district heating network of the city of Lelystad. Up to 30,000 tons of wood...

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The Netherlands opens the door to geothermal sector with 2050 natural gas ban

Tami Hood, Hydrogen Fuel News Summary The Netherlands has announced its intention to ban natural gas by 2050 and, in doing so, it is paving the way for the geothermal energy and waste heat sectors to expand. The country's heating demands are currently widely served by natural gas,...

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Netherlands to ban natural gas by 2050

Lloyd Alter, Tree Hugger Summary It's part of a much bigger energy transition, and sounds a lot like wishful thinking. Eighty-nine percent of Dutch homes are heated by natural gas fired boilers; according to Eline van den Ende, residential heating accounts for ten percent of Dutch CO2...

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District Cooling Market expected to grow significantly

True Industry News Summary Recently, the Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation or Empower, one of the most notable providers of district cooling services, announced that it will be providing 3,900 Refrigeration Tons (RT) district cooling services to Wasl Tower. Notably, the Wasl...