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Cities Sign Up To Zero-Carbon Buildings By 2030

Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco

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Five Years After Sandy, Are We Better Prepared?

Patrick McGeehan and Winnie Hu, The New York Times Summary At 8:30 p.m. on a Monday, millions of residents of the most man-made landscape in the United States were reminded how powerless they were against the forces of nature. Hurricane Sandy shoved the East River across the F.D.R. Drive onto...

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Mount Sinai St. Luke’s “Going Green” for Our Patients and Our Planet

Mount Sinai St. Luke's July 24, 2017 Summary Mount Sinai St. Luke’s is “going green” by upgrading the hospital’s energy infrastructure and improving the building’s carbon footprint. The hospital will soon generate much of its own electricity once the installation of a cogeneration system is...

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US Chiller Services awarded full O&M of Empire State Building

Hannah Jo Uy, Climate Control Middle East Summary US Chiller Services has been awarded full O&M of the Empire State Building. Dan Mizesko, Managing Partner of Al Shirawi US Chiller Services, confirmed this and said that the scope of the agreement includes maintaining a mix of electric...

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Sustainability and Resiliency Drives Utility System Sharing

west side of midtown Manhattan in New York...consideration post Super Storm Sandy in New York...City, is the largest privately funded...City and drove collaboration with ConEdison

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