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District Energy Is Part of America’s Past, Why Not Its Future?

Propmodo Summary The modern city was invented by a few intrepid people in the span of only a few decades, all in the same metropolitan area. The era was the 1880s, a period called the “Second Industrial Revolution.” The place was New York City. The cast of characters was small but...

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Are Microgrids the Answer to Energy Disruptions?

Commercial Property Executive Summary In light of the renewable energy expansion of recent years, microgrids have become increasingly more popular. Although they seem new, these installations have been around for many years—the first one was introduced by Thomas Edison in 1882 at his...

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Climate Drivers for Microgrid Development: Role of Microgrids in Decarbonizing the Economy

Speakers Baird Brown, eco(n)law LLC Ted Borer, Princeton University #CampusEnergyConference #ConferenceProceeding #2020 #Princeton #Microgrids #Workshop

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Reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero

Princeton University Summary Ted Borer, director of the campus energy plant, discusses the University’s ambitious Sustainability Action Plan goals and strategies to achieve them. (Video by Jared Flesher) Watch the Full Video Here #News #MemberNews ...

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University Releases Sustainability Plan; Goal is Zero Emissions by 2046

Anne Levin, Town Topics Summary Just days after the town of Princeton released a draft of its Climate Action Plan, Princeton University has announced its own Sustainability Action Plan. Among the goals of the initiative, which was released Monday, April 22, is zero emissions by 2046. That...

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Princeton University Substation Upgrade Project

Summary Princeton University has reached the allowable capacity on the 26kV utility interconnection with PSE&G. A new 69kV high-voltage substation is being constructed to connect the existing 26kV substations to the PSE&G transmission system. The project challenges include a...


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A Path to Neutrality – Princeton University Infrastructure Master Plan

Summary Due to campus growth and desire to address aging infrastructure in the face of bold carbon targets, Princeton University completed an Infrastructure Master Plan. Planning included analysis of heat recovery and energy storage opportunities, steam-to-hot water conversions, and water...


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CampusEnergy2012 Student Video Contest Winner: Princeton University

Summary Launched in 2012, the Campus Energy Student Video Contest challenges students from IDEA member institutions to create a short video about their campus energy plant, focused on district energy and/or combined heat and power (CHP). The 2012 winner from Princeton University shares how...

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Flipping Chilled Water Optimization, Train First

Summary Chilled Water optimization typically means making changes to the underlying control logic and setpoints within the plant control system. Finding the right balance of operating parameters can release a vast amount of hidden value and efficiency within your plant. What happens, though,...