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Webinar from Reshape Strategies: Foresight 2030: Climate Pledges and Efforts to Decarbonize Heating and Cooling

Join Reshape Strategies on April 14 th for a panel discussion of city climate pledges and efforts to decarbonize heating and cooling. Hosted by Smart City Sweden and Reshape Infrastructure Strategies Event Description The Paris Agreement seeks to keep global temperature increases...

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Effluent Heat Independent Thermal Energy Contract

Summary In the fall of 2017, Metro Vancouver and the Lonsdale Energy Corporation executed a contract for the sale and purchase of thermal energy from a new effluent heat recovery plant to be owned and operated by Metro Vancouver. Presentation will examine many elements of this unique project: ...


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Outsourcing Campus Utilities: Starting Small and Contracting Well

Summary There has been attention recently on mega deals to outsource campus utilities. These deals provide significant opportunities to refocus resources on core mandates by monetizing existing assets and minimizing new capital requirements. They can help transfer risk and tap external...