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Plans for a Solar Microgrid at Capitol Hill Community Center Will Power Building, Through Rain, Shine...or Disaster

Emily Piette, Capitol Hill Seattle Summary Seattle’s community centers provide a lot of simple but important things to their neighborhoods including recreation and meeting space. But they could also help the city develop strength and resilience in a future of extreme weather and in emergencies...

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Microgrids, major changes: Professor leading effort to redesign power grid

Sarah Small, Penn State News Summary UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — When Hurricane Sandy hit the eastern seaboard in 2012, entire city skylines went completely black with the curious exception of a few small areas still emitting light, thanks to their use of combined heat and power (CHP) systems, a...

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How to Integrate CHP and District Energy in City-Level Resilience Planning

Summary As part of its Combined Heat and Power for Resiliency Accelerator, the US Department of Energy assisted in the creation of multiple tools to improve understanding of how CHP and microgrids can help communities meet resilience goals and ensure critical facilities remain operational...


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Assessing Resilience Gaps & Clean Energy Solutions at State-Owned Medical & Residential Care Facility

Energy disruptions have significant implications for patients at both hospitals and residential care facilities. Several of the casualties from Irma, Katrina and Sandy can be linked to a lack of adequate power during and after those events. In 2016, the Massachusetts Department of Energy...


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OnePGH: Pittsburgh’s plans to become a more resilient city

Track 4A: Planning for Pittsburgh's Energy Pathway Speakers Grant Ervin, City of Pittsburgh Sarah Yeager, City of Pittsburgh #AnnualConference #2019 #ConferenceProceeding #Pittsburgh


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Hospital Resilience Planning ─ Building Out a “Roadmap to Resilience” Through Microgrid Solutions

What if you couldn’t deliver care? How built out is your hospital “roadmap to resiliency?” These premises should start driving ongoing dialogue and innovative approaches to how you support your Clinical Care Partners, your Patients (and/or Residents), and even your Communities. With the...


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Resilient Airport Microgrids

This presentation covers an overall review of the growing needs for resilient microgrids at our nation's airports and a review of how the award-winning Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) is approaching its’ own resilient microgrid solution to reduce its operating costs, improve reliability,...


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Resilient Cities and the New Energy Paradigm

Summary When electrical energy flows uninterrupted, cities stay competitive in an ever-changing digital economy and can rebound from the shocks of natural disaster and security threats. With the growing impact of natural disasters affecting cities of all sizes, the reliability and flexibility...


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Canada’s First Utility Microgrid Creates Resiliency Hub

Summary A power outage can be devastating to a community. North Bay, Ontario has experienced outages in the past, but none as significant as the one caused by an ice storm which left the city crippled without power for a week. North Bay Hydro developed a microgrid to power a community...

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NJ Transit Wants Gas-Fired Power, Microgrid to Energize Local Rail System

Rod Walton, Power Engineering Summary NJ Transit is holding a public hearing tonight about its proposed gas-fired power plant and microgrid. The New Jersey state agency wants to build a 102 to 140 MW gas-fired power generating station near Kearny. The unit would energize the proposed NJ...