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Designing Desuperheater Options for University of Iowa Low Pressure Steam System

Summary The University of Iowa has experienced issues associated with excessively high temperatures in their low pressure steam system. The University engaged Stanley Consultants to study desuperheater options at the UI power plant and to produce design documents to execute the chosen approach....

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Two Chilled Water Plants, One System?

Summary Designing and operating a district chilled water facility has many issues to be addressed. What happens when there are two plants? Each designed by a different engineer and with individual clients. How to you merge the two plants into one cohesive operation. Pump heads, system pressures...

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Piping System Integrity

Summary Learn the requirements and hear recommendations for maintaining your steam or condensate return piping system integrity. Speakers Monte Engelkemier, Stanley Consultants John Molnar, Penn State University #NorthAmerica #2016 #PennState #Steam #ThermalDistribution ...