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Carbon Mitigation Taskforce presents plans for a more eco-friendly UMass

The Massachusetts Daily Collegian Summary The first of three interactive webinars was recently hosted by the Carbon Mitigation Task Force (CMTF), featuring a detailed presentation from the committee followed by a discussion that welcomed public input. An extensive passage on the University...

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The Top 20 Coolest Schools 2020

Sierra Summary In the 14 years since Sierra started ranking colleges according to their eco bona fides and environmental commitments, one thing has become clear: Governments and businesses would be wise to take their cues from higher education. That’s because achieving carbon...

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University of Massachusetts, Amherst North Chiller Plant

Summary University of Massachusetts Amherst is the Commonwealths’ flagship campus and has been recognized for continuously incorporating sustainability principles into its district energy systems. The newest project known as the North Chiller Plant is prominently located in a visible portion...


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UMass Amherst Electrical System Modifications Resulting in Increased Reliability of CHP

Summary Drawing on examples, lessons learned/best practices from major DBOOM projects, we will explore the “3rd Generation” of CHP and how benefits and drivers have evolved/expanded over time, while also unveiling the challenges. We will highlight how incorporating storage, renewables, and...


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Benefits of an Energy Command Center

Summary UMass Amherst has a multi-boiler, multi-fuel (gas, LNG, oil) CHP, 5 MW of PV and may soon have a 1MW/4 MWh battery located behind its main utility meter that meet most of our energy needs. We optimize for both operational and economic efficiency. We are creating a new energy dashboard...


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UMass Amherst Energy Master Plan

Summary UMass Amherst (UMA), CES and RMF teamed together to create an Energy Master Plan for the UMA campus. UMA has had a surge in growth over the last decade and needed to create an energy master plan to examine their current and future energy demands and what infrastructure will be needed...

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UMass, Eversource partner on campus energy efficiency

Associated Press July 31, 2017 Summary AMHERST, Mass. (AP) — UMass-Amherst is hoping to save nearly $2 million in annual energy costs under a three-year agreement signed with the utility Eversource. The non-binding memorandum of understanding runs through the first half of 2020 and...

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University of Mass, Amherst Solar Photovoltaic Generation Protection and Control Design

Summary UMass, Amherst has approximately 16MW of CHP generation. In a continuous effort to reduce their carbon footprint, they decided to add 3.4 MW of solar photovoltaic generation under a PPA. CHA’s impact study revealed certain conditions where the generation could exceed the available load...


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University of Massachusetts Amherst: 16 MW CHP & District Energy System

Summary The University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass Amherst) is the flagship public university of Massachusetts. In addition to educating nearly 30,000 students, the campus is known for its cutting-edge research. The new Central Plant supports the educational and research missions of UMass...

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