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University of Arizona Architecture Students Place First in Department of Energy Competition

UA News Summary University of Arizona architecture students won first place in a national competition for a project that reimagines the way buildings store energy for cooling. The team was among four finalists from the university in the Department of Energy's 2020 Solar Decathlon...

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Energy Storage for Land-Challenged Campuses

Summary Ice storage can be ideal for land-locked campuses while enabling modular district cooling system growth. Using University of Arizona & New Mexico State examples, presenters will compare ice & water storage benefits, address ice storage myths and describe how to add ice storage...


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A conversation on district energy between Assistant VP for Facilities Management Chris Kopach and President Robert C. Robbins of the University of Arizona

President Robert C. Robbins, The University of Arizona Executive Office of the President Watch the Video Near the southern edge of the University of Arizona’s main campus, a few blocks west of Arizona Stadium, is a rather unassuming-looking building. But anyone walking past it will...

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University of Arizona Drives Tucson's 2030 District Pledge for Water, Energy Savings

Jennifer Hermes, Environmental Leader Summary Tucson, Arizona, became the latest 2030 District in December. Tucson’s goals include dramatically reducing water use, transportation emissions, and energy use. Tucson has 10 million square feet committed in its pledge to demonstrate that “high...

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Innovative FRP Composites Wrap Up Structural Repairs on Campuses

New wet-layup tunnel repair method proves faster, less expensive and far less disruptive of academic activities than conventional repair methods Workers apply carbon fiber mats soaked in epoxy resin to stabilize the tunnels that crisscross under the University of Arizona campus. ...

QuakeWrap Press Release -Bryan Freed 1-21-19.pdf

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Central Plant Energy Management at the University of Arizona

Speakers Mark St. Onge, University of Arizona Henry Johnstone, GLHN Architects & Engineers #ConferenceProceeding #CampusEnergyConference #2014 #UniversityofArizona #Arizona #GLHNArchitectsandEngineers #Operations

5C.3_Johnstone_ St Onge.pdf

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University of Arizona Enterprise Energy Management System

Speakers Justin Thomas, InStep Software #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #InStepSoftware #UniversityofArizona #Arizona #CampusEnergy


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Downtown Tucson 2050 - beyond the site line of a standard city plan

Summary This presentation outlines a pedagogical experiment conducted between the University of Arizona College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture; GLHN Architects & Engineers; City of Tucson; and Pima County. This academic, public, private partnership projected a vision...


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Active Emergency Management for Central Plants: U of Arizona Case Study

Summary I n April 2015, the University of Arizona (UA) contracted with McKinstry to help their Facilities Management organization make an operational paradigm shift from theoretical to data driven decision-making by implementing an Active Energy Management Program. This program optimizes the...