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University of Iowa Uses Home Grown Fuel

Summary The University of Iowa has partnered with Iowa State University to plant test crops of the perennial grass Miscanthus X Giganteus to be used as fuel for UI Power Plant boilers. The renewable fuel will be grown locally and will reduce the UI’s dependence coal. The crop also requires...


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Doomsday Prepping at the University of Iowa

Summary After a historic flood in 2008 forced the University of Iowa Power Plant off line, significant priority has been placed on the reliability of the utility systems. Improvements have included the completion of an 8 MW back-up natural gas reciprocating engine plant, and work is in...


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Designing Desuperheater Options for University of Iowa Low Pressure Steam System

Summary The University of Iowa has experienced issues associated with excessively high temperatures in their low pressure steam system. The University engaged Stanley Consultants to study desuperheater options at the UI power plant and to produce design documents to execute the chosen approach....

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Networking Emergency Generator Fleet to Expand University of Iowa Microgrid

Summary To address critical power requirements for expanding medical research facilities at the University of Iowa, Burns & McDonnell studied the feasibility of networking existing building emergency diesel generators with existing reciprocating and steam turbine generators at the Campus...


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New Back-Up Generation for Critical Facilities at the University of Iowa

Summary This case study will discuss a new back-up generation facility at the University of Iowa, designed to automatically black start the Main Plant and provide back-up power to critical facilities throughout campus. The plant is tied into the campus grid. It is in an addition, in a very...

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Follow-up & Conclusion: University of Iowa Single-Point Failure Analysis RAM Program

Summary This presentation walks through a single-point failure analysis conducted by RMF Engineering and the University of Iowa on campus. Speakers Ben Anderson, University of Iowa Brian Wodka, RMF Engineering #UniversityofIowa #Optimization #UnitedStates #CampusEnergyConference ...


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University of Iowa Waste Heat Chilled Water Generation

Summary This presentation will discuss the addition of new renewable energy based chilled water capacity at the Oakdale Chilled Water Plant on the University of Iowa's Research Campus. In the interest of developing a trigeneration facility, new hot water absorption chillers were installed at...


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University of Iowa - Microgrid Approach

Summary This presentation will discuss the evolution of the microgrid at the University (present and future) and existing controls features from automatic engine starting, load shedding, and operating scenarios. The microgrid connects the power plant, campus buildings, and critical research...


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The University of Iowa Replace Grand Avenue Steam Distribution System

Summary Replacement of a deteriorated steam tunnel system with new direct buried piping located at one of Iowa City’s busiest intersections. Utilizing Revit modeling and temp steam phasing the design team developed a strategy to use the existing tunnel as a conduit for direct buried piping....


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