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University of Texas to dim tower in solidarity with Austin community

KXAN Summary The University of Texas at Austin is one of the largest self-sustaining power grids in the country. The power plant on campus supplies almost 100% of the energy and thermal requirements for over 20 million square feet, according to the University of Texas website. ...

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Are Microgrids the Answer to Energy Disruptions?

Commercial Property Executive Summary In light of the renewable energy expansion of recent years, microgrids have become increasingly more popular. Although they seem new, these installations have been around for many years—the first one was introduced by Thomas Edison in 1882 at his...

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On Earth Day, UT Austin is Ranked Among Top Universities Committed to Sustainability

UT News Summary Integrating sustainability throughout the educational and operational activities at The University of Texas at Austin has been a focus for years, and now the Sustainability Tracking Assessment & Rating System (STARS) has given the university its first-ever...

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Parallel TES Systems - In It to Twin It!

Summary At congested campuses, operating multiple TES systems on a single thermal hydronic loop has proven key to fulfilling the storied promise of load leveling, reduced demand costs and energy use, as well as enhanced resiliency, all at a small fraction of the cost of added thermal energy...


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Powering Up: Inside the Design of the Supercomputer Frontera Installation at UT Austin

Summary System expansion using the university’s electrical and mechanical system within an active data center to provide power and cooling for the supercomputer. The electrical upgrade included high efficiency transformers, busways and associated electrical components for liquid cooled server...


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Clearway Energy Center San Francisco Receives 2019 IDEA Innovation Award

Gordon Judd from Clearway Energy Center San Francisco (middle) receives IDEA's 2019 Innovation Award from IDEA President Rob Thornton (right) and Bob Smith, RMF Engineering (left) at IDEA's 110th Annual Conference & Trade Show on June 26th in Pittsburgh, PA. Clearway Energy Center...

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What's Keeping Energy Leaders Up at Night? Campus Energy Leaders and Business Partner Experts Discuss at CampusEnergy2019

The CampusEnergy2019 conference program opened Wednesday, February 27th, 2019, with a panel discussion moderated by IDEA CEO, Rob Thornton. Campus energy leaders and business partner experts provided insights on de-carbonizing, resiliency, awareness, modernizing, partnering, and the future. ...

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The Evolution of the University of Texas at Austin Cooling System & How to Apply their Successes to District Energy Systems

Summary The session will provide a historical perspective and the optimization methodologies used to improve the 60,000 ton chilled water system at UT Austin over the last decade. Actual results over the last seven years will be presented and the session will cover targeted approaches such as...


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Using an Intelligent Predictive Maintenance Tool for Detecting & Predicting Equipment Failures at the University of Texas of Austin

Summary UT-Austin took the next step in turning data into actionable intelligence by adopting HanPHI, HanAra’s predictive maintenance solution. UT-Austin recently expanded HanPHI from its CHP into its chilling stations and now receives early warnings of potential failures throughout the...


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Innovative FRP Composites Wrap Up Structural Repairs on Campuses

New wet-layup tunnel repair method proves faster, less expensive and far less disruptive of academic activities than conventional repair methods Workers apply carbon fiber mats soaked in epoxy resin to stabilize the tunnels that crisscross under the University of Arizona campus. ...

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