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It is time to unleash the potential of geothermal energy

The Salt Lake Tribune Summary A groundbreaking renewable energy project is taking place near the small town of Milford, Utah, that could change the energy landscape of America forever. With funding from the Department of Energy, researchers at Utah’s Frontier Observatory for Research...

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Financing & Improving Plant Efficiencies at the University of Utah via Building and Distribution Improvements

Speakers Kelly Gibbons, University of Utah Tim Burkhalter, Burns & McDonnell #CampusEnergyConference #2014 #ConferenceProceeding #BusinessModelsandFinancing #BurnsandMcDonnell #UniversityofUtah #Utah

2A.2_Gibbons_ Burkhalter.pdf

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Integrated Energy and Utility Master Planning at University of Utah

Summary This presentation will explore the integration of building energy efficiency and demand reduction into the long-term strategic utility plan for University of Utah's Health Sciences Campus. Benefits and techniques of utilizing energy efficiency as a utility system asset at a campus...


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CHP Minor Source Permitting - The Future Is Small

Summary Small size and emissions of CHP requires reduced air permitting efforts by avoiding major review encumbrances. Proactively incorporating the players involved, design requirements, space limitations, and operational needs have always been keys to a successful permitting process; but...