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CampusEnergy2018: "Sharing Solutions, Sustaining Our Future"

Peter Myers, IDEA Conference photos Pure Light Images. Energy levels ran high throughout the week of March 5-9 as IDEA convened its 31st Annual Campus Energy Conference, “Sharing Solutions, Sustaining Our Future” at the Hilton Baltimore in Baltimore, MD, attracting a record number of 981...

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Accomplishments in Energy Reduction Efforts at the Architect of the Capitol

Summary In 2015 the Architect of the Capitol exceeded the goals set forth by the Energy Independence and Security Action of 2007 and the Energy Policy Act of 2005 by reducing the campus energy use index by more than 30% of the 2003 baseline. This accomplishment was made possible by the...


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Turboden ORC for District Heating Solutions

Summary Poster Presentation 13 Presented By Ilaria Peretti, Turboden #CampusEnergyConference #ConferenceProceeding #Poster #2018 #Turboden


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Safer, Faster, and Cost-Efficient NDE Services

Summary Poster Presentation 23 Presented By Samantha Link, Gecko Robotics #CampusEnergyConference #ConferenceProceeding #2018 #Poster #GeckoRobotics


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Synthetic Gas - Thermolyzer

Summary The Thermolyzer™ technology is a highly-modified pyrolysis system. This new approach converts all types of hydrocarbon-containing wastes into a clean fuel gas and a clean “char”. This novel technology overcomes the limitations of previous pyrolysis process. First, it is a continuous,...


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Storage and Handling of Liquid Biofuels

Summary Both Biodiesel and Renewable Fuel Oil (RFO) have different chemical and physical characteristics than conventional diesel fuel that must be accounted for when designing storage and handling systems for these renewable fuels. This "nuts and bolt" level discussion will include deciding...


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UMass Amherst Electrical System Modifications Resulting in Increased Reliability of CHP

Summary Drawing on examples, lessons learned/best practices from major DBOOM projects, we will explore the “3rd Generation” of CHP and how benefits and drivers have evolved/expanded over time, while also unveiling the challenges. We will highlight how incorporating storage, renewables, and...


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Operating Centralized Campus Plants Leading Towards a More Sustainable Future!

Summary Ameresco is a recognized leader in adapting renewable energy sources for cogeneration. These off-grid solutions meet on-site power needs with clean, energy-efficient plants that can be built or upgraded to become independent power generation facilities with revenue potential for their...


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Innovations In Duct Sealing: Universities Discover New Opportunity for Significant Energy Savings

Summary The negative impact of duct leakage is well known, yet it remains a near ubiquitous problem due to the lack of a viable solution. This recently changed, however, with the developed of an innovative approach to duct sealing that offers a cost effective, non-disruptive solution that is...


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How the Connected Plant Impacts Modern Power Plant Operations

Summary Historically, control systems provided limited visibility into power-plant performance. With the convergence of information-technology (IT) and operational-technology (OT) systems, and the increase of intelligent devices, the ecosystem of data in a generation facility is greatly...