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IRENA highlighting geothermal's role for food security and heating & cooling

Alexander Richter, Think GeoEnergy Summary H.E. Olafur R. Grimsson at the GGA, IRENA meeting, Jan. 2019 (Photo: IRENA) During the 9th General Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), a side event by the Global Geothermal Alliance provided a great opportunity to...

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DHC as Backbones of Sustainable Cities

Summary Today, as Engie, we are leaders in France, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, NL and the Philippines. The acquisition of a strategic share in Tabreed provided us with a leading position in the GCC and a worldwide leader position in District Cooling. Engie had an amazing growth story in...


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Scandinavian Energy Efficiency Technologies and Best Practices in Advanced District Cooling

Speakers Lars Hummelmose, Danish Board of District Heating Serhan Ozten, Danfoss Iqbal Hussain, Frese Hatem Shaban, AVK Flow Control Erik Hansen, Iron Pump Hammam Soliman, Aalborg CSP #ConferenceProceeding #CoolingConference #2018 #InternationalPerspectives #Denmark ...

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Using TES to Save Both DC Operating AND Capital Costs - A GCC and North American Perspective

Summary Cool TES is well understood to reduce peak electric demand in DC systems, and thus reduce electric costs. However, by incorporating TES, total installed chiller plant capacity can also be reduced from needing to match the peak day's instantaneous peak system load (without TES), to...


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Saudization: Empowering Nationals in the District Cooling Industry, Advantages Vs. Challenges

Summary ‘District Cooling’, a cooling concept most efficient yet remains to this day unfamiliar field to the Saudi nationals is all set to change. District cooling in KSA has been taking big steps to be an attractive field to the nationals especially the young engineers. Having taken the...


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Cogeneration Channel: What future does CHP have in Germany?

Cogeneration Channel: Interview Heinz Ullrich Brosziewski - Vice President, B.KWK In Germany today there are numerous energy laws that have led to divergent opinions on combined heat and power and have put the latter in a transitional phase. The B.KWK has commissioned a study on the...

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How other cities are cutting emissions

Independent Summary Paul Melia takes a spin around the world to discover alternative ways we could improve our green credentials. While Ireland is not doing enough to tackle climate change, it has taken some steps to reduce emissions, with notable successes. More than 350,000 homes...

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District heating plans warm up as £320m funding drive moves forward

Michael Holder, Business Green Summary A new £320m funding drive aimed at boosting low carbon sources of heating for homes and businesses has been officially launched by the government this week in a bid to stimulate private investment in expanding the number of heat networks in towns and...

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The Netherlands opens the door to geothermal sector with 2050 natural gas ban

Tami Hood, Hydrogen Fuel News Summary The Netherlands has announced its intention to ban natural gas by 2050 and, in doing so, it is paving the way for the geothermal energy and waste heat sectors to expand. The country's heating demands are currently widely served by natural gas,...

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Fife Council delivers heat metering and billing framework

Scottish Construction Now! Summary A heat metering and billing framework for use by local authorities and housing associations that is designed to help grow the heat network market and ensure customer protection has been created by Fife Council . The framework gives local authorities...