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Solar Combined Heat Power and Cooling or Solar Trigeneration: Museum Case Study

Speakers Andrea Gains-Germain, Cogenra Solar Joe Brillhart, Johnson Controls #CampusEnergyConference #2014 #ConferenceProceeding #CogenraSolar #JohnsonControls #Sustainability #RenewableEnergy #HeatRecovery

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Practical Chiller Refrigerant Choices to Optimize Your Bottom Line

Summary This presentation strives to empower operators to make smart choices on use of chiller refrigerants in operations. Topics discussed include decision making frameworks, available refrigerant options, and an analysis of economic and environmental implications of refrigerant options. ...


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Options for Reducing Water Consumption and Improving Operational Resiliency in Central Chiller Plants

Summary Hybrid heat rejection systems can provide options to save both water and annual operating costs. However, to determine the benefit, the heat rejection systems and the cooling systems in which they operate must be evaluated thoroughly over the full range of annual operating conditions....


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Predictive Cost Optimization Using Model Predictive Control

Summary Summarizes the Stanford Energy System Innovation (SESI) sustainability project. SESI was designed to meet energy needs of the Stanford campus through at least 2050. After four years of planning and three years of construction the facility came online in 2015. This presentation relates...


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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh - Sustainability Accelerator: Integrating Methane Digesters with Energy Efficiency for a Smarter Campus

Summary This presentation reviews the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh's (UWO) partnerships with Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI) and Viessmann Group/BIOFerm Energy Systems (BES) to accelerate campus commitments of establishing UWO as a leading sustainability campus. Recent recognition has included...


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Saving Water and Operating Costs at NREL's HPC Data Center

Summary National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Sandia National Laboratories partnered with Johnson Controls to deploy the company's BlueStream™ Hybrid Cooling System at NREL’s HPC datacenter to significantly reduce water consumption associated with evaporative cooling towers....


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Integrated Thermal Energy Storage (ITES): A New Approach to Energy Storage

Summary Integrated Thermal Energy Storage (ITES) is a new approach that uses stored chilled water to subcool refrigerant liquid instead of cooling a building load directly. This configuration allows warm water to return to a tank at near the condenser refrigerant liquid temperature, which...


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Cooling Technologies: Why All Oil-Free Chillers Are Not Created Equal

Summary Presenters Craig Campbell and Kaitlin Logan cover chiller technologies using oil and oil-free bearing options, discussing features, benefits and design considerations for the respective applications along with industry best practices and a case study example, concluding with audience Q...

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Operating Efficient District Cooling Systems in Water-Stressed Regions (Part 2: of 2): The System Design Options

Summary IDEA and Johnson Controls presented the second in this free, two-part webinar series. Tom Carter of Johnson Controls presents and compares system design options that allow district cooling systems to effectively save both energy and water. Various types of hybrid wet / dry systems...