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What's Keeping Energy Leaders Up at Night? Campus Energy Leaders and Business Partner Experts Discuss at CampusEnergy2019

The CampusEnergy2019 conference program opened Wednesday, February 27th, 2019, with a panel discussion moderated by IDEA CEO, Rob Thornton. Campus energy leaders and business partner experts provided insights on de-carbonizing, resiliency, awareness, modernizing, partnering, and the future. ...

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Central plant optimization software offers energy savings

Russell Hattingh, IT-Online Summary More than 35% of the power required to run a building is consumed in one place: the central chilled water plant. While there is value in connecting the building management system (BMS) to schedule plant run time, very little beats central plant optimisation...

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New Absorption Chillers from Johnson Controls are Energy Efficient

Johnson Controls, Inc., Thomas Industry Update Summary Johnson Controls’ new absorption chillers run on water, a natural refrigerant. They are driven by waste or other low-cost heat sources. They feature a two-step evaporator-absorber and parallel flow design which has a lower salt...

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YORK provides education sector with efficient, sustainable cooling solutions

Saudi Gazette Summary The CEO of Al Salem Johnson Controls (YORK) Mohanad Al Shaikh said “we strive to offer sustainable and efficient solutions to Saudi universities, which have significantly reduced energy and water consumption, especially during peak time” as the consumption of energy is...

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Third Expansion of Holy Haram Makkah District Energy Chiller Plants in Shamiya and Ajyad

Summary Provide details on the chillers and their performances in fixed and variable speed with water-cooled and air-cooled radiator systems. The project started in 1993. The long term plan was to expand Makkah Haram to hold over 1.6 million visitors. In 2009 Yok Titan multi-stage centrifugal...


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Absorption 101

Webinar Hosted By Link to Webinar Recording Absorption 101 Summary When does it make sense to use an absorption chiller? How to decide when to use an absorption chiller over an electric chiller? Speakers Rajesh Dixit is a Chemical Engineer with an MBA and 27 years of industry...

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Incorporating Absorption Technology in District Cooling and Heating

Webinar Hosted By Link to Webinar Recording Incorporating Absorption Technology in District Cooling and Heating Summary This webinar discussed real world deployment of absorption technology for district energy systems, making economic and environmental sense. Presenters ...

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Incorporating Absorption Cooling into Microgrids

Summary The benefit of using waste heat driven chillers, with natural refrigerants, for microgrid applications. Session Track 4A Speaker Rajesh Dixit, Johnston Controls, Inc #MicrogridConference #2018 #Microgrids #ConferenceProceeding #Resiliency #JohnsonControls ...


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A Hybrid Business Model for NY-Prize Community Microgrids

Summary Over the past few years, National Grid has been working with multiple microgrid developers in the first two stages of the NY-Prize. In the second stage, National Grid and four of these developers have been navigating regulatory challenges that will lay the groundwork for the...


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Myth Busters - Absorption Cooling

Webinar Hosted By Link to Webinar Recording Myth Busters - Absorption Cooling Summary Debunking the four most common absorption myths - efficiency, cost, operation flexibility, and reliability. Presenters Rajesh Dixit is a Chemical Engineer with an MBA and 27 years of industry...