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Performance Analysis on CHP Plant Using Back Pressure Turbine According to Return Termperature Variant

Summary Results are shared in this discussion from a performance analysis of CHPs. Speaker Jong Jun Lee, Korea District Heating Association #2016 #AnnualConference #SouthKorea #AsiaPacific #ConferenceProceeding #KoreaDistrictHeatingCorporation #CHP #Data


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Improving Heat Supply Forecast Using Heat Demand Characteristics Analysis

Summary A Study on the Improvement for Heat Supply Forecast using the Analysis of Heat Demand Characteristics. Speakers Jae Seung Lee, Korea District Heating Corporation Jong Jun Lee, Korea District Heating Corporation #Data #KoreaDistrictHeatingCorporation #CampusEnergy ...


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The study on the effect of each District Heating Substation Return Temperature on the Electricity production Opportunity Cost

Summary It has been thirty years since District Heating system was introduced to Korea. As of the end of 2015, approximately 2.5 million households, about 16% of the total heating consumption, are using DH and 35 DH companies are operating district heating projected. Currently, the user's...