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Managing Operations While Transitioning to Carbon Neutrality

Summary Cornell University explores the complex operating environment and the decisions necessary to operate its district utility systems in both an economic and sustainable manner. Discussions in this talk will include: why is it important set a price on carbon, and how can it be done; what is...


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Flexible Grid-Integration with District Energy - What Are the Barriers?

Summary When district energy’s flexible integration with the electricity grid can integrate renewables, reduce costs and make the system more resilient, why is it not always happening? In this study, six experts + plant managers at ten US campuses share knowledge on barriers for flexible...


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Solar District Cup

Track: Poster Presenter Joseph Simon, National Renewable Energy Laboratory #ConferenceProceeding #Poster #CampusEnergyConference #2020 #NREL #RenewableEnergy #SolarThermal


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Renewable energy for heating and cooling

Eurostat Summary In 2018, renewable energy accounted for 21% of the total energy used for heating and cooling in the European Union (EU). This share has increased steadily since the beginning of the data collection in 2004, when the share was 12%. Increases in industry, services and...

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Integrating Renewables with a CHP Microgrid

Summary Typical steps for analysis of buildings to potentially be included in a microgrid project for improving resiliency and efficiency: thermal/electrical energy consumption ratio (current and anticipated), type/age of existing equipment, connection feasibility of multiple buildings to...


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The Role of Environmental Attributes from CHP & Carbon Reduction Projects on a College Campus

Summary A college campus can be uniquely positioned to meet sustainability goals while also generating a source of revenue from carbon reduction and on-site clean energy projects that qualify to generate environmental attributes. As trustees, students and faculty push for increasingly...


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Integrating Solar Thermal and Biogas into an Innovative District Energy System Replacement

Summary UC Davis is designing a complete central heating and cooling plant replacement for their primate center campus, converting from steam to hot water and integrating a new solar thermal installation with 300 collectors via a water source heat pump plant with thermal storage. New boilers...


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Tools and Concepts for Wastewater Heat Recovery

Summary Wastewater heat recovery has gained interest as a viable renewable energy source as cities aim to reduce their carbon footprints. Wastewater is an abundant source of energy in urban areas, and can be utilized at a wide range of scales. This presentation will discuss ways for cities,...


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Centralized Renewable Energy System

Summary Presentation of the Centralized Renewable Energy System (CRES) project located at Nebraska Innovation Campus (NIC). This unique system provides campus-wide heat sink / source using treated wastewater effluent from the city of Lincoln. This installation involved construction of a new...


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Biomass Solutions for Decarbonizing Your Campus with District Heating

Summary Biomass provides more cost-efficient and sustainable energy than any other renewable energy source, and Linka Energy Group is looking to share our knowledge and experience in implementing biomass solutions. We will discuss why biomass should be considered CO2 neutral, how this energy...