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Does carbon capture offer a new role for the waste-to-energy sector?

Waste Management World Summary Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is high on the agenda as part of the solution to the world’s climate issues. There is general agreement globally that it will be required to meet the carbon emission reduction targets and the global warming mitigation...

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John Mullen joins Ramboll to front UK energy business

Infrastructure Intelligence Summary John Mullen, formerly SSE’s director of asset management, has joined Ramboll to front the UK arm of its 1,600 strong global energy business. “Ramboll’s energy business has been growing, and with the continued momentum on decarbonising the UK’s energy...

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Ramboll supporting CIP's Power-to-X facility

4C Offshore Summary Ramboll has been made responsible for safety and risk analyses in the initial phase of Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners' (CIP) recently announced Power-to-X facility , which will convert power from offshore wind turbines to green ammonia. The new facility,...

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More than 200 leading businesses urge UK Government to deliver clean, inclusive and resilient recovery plan

Corporate Leaders Group Summary More than 200 leading UK businesses, investors and business networks, including Lloyds Bank, Asda, Siemens, Aviva, Sky, Mitsubishi and Signify are calling on the Government to deliver a Covid-19 recovery plan that builds back a more inclusive, stronger and...

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Developing a Clear Vision for Zero Carbon Heating in East London

Environment Journal Summary With heat accounting for over a third of the UK’s carbon emissions , we need to look at district heating networks to ensure our heating infrastructure can transition to zero carbon. Innovative low-temperature networks will play a key role in ensuring clean...

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Waste Heat from the Tube to Warm More than 1,350 Homes in Islington

Energy Live News Summary A new energy centre has been launched in Islington to enable waste heat from the London Underground to provide heating and hot water to more than 1,350 homes, a school and two leisure centres in the borough. The Bunhill 2 Energy Centre is located on the site of...

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GCC driving $40bn global district cooling market

GDN Online Summary The global market for district cooling sector is booming, and is estimated to hit $39.9 billion by 2026 from $21.9 billion last year, growing at a CAGR of 7.77 per cent, said a report. The rising support from the governments in GCC countries is driving the global...

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'Waste Heat' in London will be used to heat homes in likely world first

CNN WIRE, FOX 8 Cleveland Summary LONDON – Londoners often complain about the stifling heat on certain Underground lines – but soon that same heat will be used to keep people warm during the winter months. In what is believed to be a world first, waste heat from the Northern Line is to be...

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Energy Planning for Carbon Reduction Outcomes

Summary States and higher education campuses are announcing goals and targets for carbon reduction and carbon neutrality, at times without defined plans or projects that will achieve these goals. Many are also focused on just the buildings and missing the opportunity for district scale...


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How Do the Differences Between the Standards (EN, ASTM and ASME) Effect the Quality, Cost

Summary A comparison of the applicable norms for pre-insulated piping systems looking into general considerations for system design such as service life, project class and documentation. We will also examine components and materials; steel pipe components (steel grade and schedules),...