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Planning for District Energy Systems

Summary Workshop 2 Session Speakers Niels Vilstrup, Danish District Energy Alliance, Danish Embassy Mairead Kennedy, Ramboll #2018 #ConferenceProceeding #AnnualConference #Workshop #DistrictCooling #DanishDistrictEnergyAlliance #Ramboll


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City of Cambridge releases results of Low Carbon Energy Supply Strategy study

Press Release, Globe Newswire Cambridge among first U.S. cities to move to tactical implementation of carbon neutrality as part of its Net Zero Action Plan CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The City of Cambridge, Massachusetts, has released the results of a Low Carbon...

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Hot Water Installation Challenges: European vs. North American Techniques

Summary Presented at IDEA's Campus Energy Conference Distribution Workshop March 5, 2018. Speakers Jens O. Hansen, Ramboll #CampusEnergyConference #ConferenceProceeding #2018 #Workshop #ThermalDistribution #Ramboll #HotWater


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Wesleyan College Hot Water Case Study

Summary Presented at IDEA's Campus Energy Conference Distribution Workshop March 5, 2018. Speakers Dan Kelley, Ramboll #CampusEnergyConference #2018 #ConferenceProceeding #ThermalDistribution #Workshop #Ramboll #NewEnglandUniversity


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Americanizing European Hot Water Technology - Installation Costs US vs. EN Experience

Summary Facilities engineers, faculty, and students at Dartmouth College, MIT, University of Rochester, and University of Bridgeport teamed together with Ramboll to conduct research on campus district hot water conversion at their campuses. Throughout the process Ramboll gathered various...

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How to Use District Energy Systems as a Virtual Battery in Microgrid Systems

Summary Modern Energy system must be able to integrate the thermal, electrical and cooling supply side. At Gram we have worked with this by using district energy and thermal storage as the infrastructure backbone. The thermal storage acts as a virtual battery and makes it possible to use...


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Steam-to-Hot Water Conversion

Summary This presentation looks at how district energy systems in Europe and the United States have converted from steam to hot water heating in order to lower costs, increase resiliency and utilize different technologies. Speaker Anders Dyrelund, Ramboll #Presentation #Symposium ...

Dyrelund_Anders-Steam to Hot Water Conversion.pdf

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4th Generation of Energy Supply Systems

Summary This presentation defines the 4th generation energy system and explores examples from the EU. A wide variety of different technologies have been implemented with the goals of providing livable cities, smart solutions and resilient energy in mind. Speaker Anders Dyrelund, Ramboll ...


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Bridgeport takes green energy leap with thermal loop

Kevin Zimmerman, Westfair Online Thermal loop site plan. Summary B ridgeport’s plan to become the first U.S. city to establish a municipal low-temperature thermal heating district has taken a giant leap forward, following the long-awaited passage of Connecticut’s $41.3 billion state...

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Danish heating decision could open the floodgates

Diarmaid Williams, Decentralized Energy Summary A decision by the Danish Tax Appeals Agency at the beginning of September looks set to enable more data center-fed district heating networks. Prior to the decision, companies like Facebook and Apple had to pay for supplying heat to ...