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Micro Grid - Harding, Expansion and Maintenance - Sustainable Approach to Resiliency

Summary Since New York University has embarked on a Greening of the Campus. First was the re-powering of the 1960 Co generation system and expansion of the 4160V Micro Grid system. During the Super Storm Sandy the system remained operational and rode through the Manhattan power outage. After...

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Microgrid Controllers: Expanding Their Role and Evaluating Their Performance

Arindam Maitra, Annabelle Pratt, Tanguy Hubert, Dean Weng, Kumaraguru Prabakar, Rachna Handa, Murali Baggu, and Mark McGranaghan, IEEE Power & Energy Magazine July/August 2017 Summary Microgrids have long been deployed to provide power to customers in remote areas as well as critical...

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The Need for Standardization

Geza Joos, Jim Reilly, Ward Bower, and Russ Neal, IEEE Power & Energy Magazine July/August 2017 Summary As the penetration of Distributed Energy resources (DER s) in distribution systems increases, their integration and interconnection to the grid, and their impact on the grid, need to be...

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Microgrid Controller Initiatives

Dan Ton and Jim Reilly, IEEE Power & Energy Magazine July/August 2017 Summary The microgrid is a concept for which the controller is the defining and enabling technology. Indeed, the microgrid may be defined as the resources—generation, storage, and loads— within a boundary that are...

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