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Texas Tech University GLEAMM Microgrid Research Facility - Advancing Grid Resiliency & Sustainability

Speakers Stephen Bayne, Texas Tech University BeiBei Helen Ren, Texas Tech University #CampusEnergyConference #ConferenceProceeding #2019 #Poster #Texas #TexasTechUniversity #Microgrids


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Transforming GHG Emissions into Marketable Products: An Update One Year Later

Summary First presented at CampusEnergy2018, Markham District Energy will provide the one-year update regarding the construction and commissioning of this photo-bioreactor process, developed by our technology partner Pond Technologies, to capture and transform CO2 emissions from our Warden...


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Campus District Scale Wastewater Reclamation Systems Planned for 2020: WaterHub an Ecoengineered Waste-water Treatment Plant

Summary A University that is home to a top-tier medical center and a campus community exceeding 50,000 people, has an extensive district energy system – requiring uninterrupted service. Responding to severe drought in 2007, the University started developing a comprehensive water management...


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Princeton University Substation Upgrade Project

Summary Princeton University has reached the allowable capacity on the 26kV utility interconnection with PSE&G. A new 69kV high-voltage substation is being constructed to connect the existing 26kV substations to the PSE&G transmission system. The project challenges include a directional...


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OSU Voltage Upgrade

Summary Oklahoma State University was founded in 1890, and 1/3 of the electrical infrastructure was a 2.4kV distribution system installed between 1940-1960. The underground infrastructure is primarily “Orangeburg” ductbank, and many of the dry type and oil filled transformers were previously...


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Beyond Coal - Ohio University's Transformation to Cleaner Fuels

Summary Ohio University made an aggressive commitment to its students and the community of Athens to discontinue coal use in its Lausche Heating Plant. Achieving this goal would require replacing its 50 year old coal fired boilers. This presentation shares the experience of how the promise was...


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Control System Upgrade at Minneapolis Energy Center

Summary The Minneapolis Energy Center (MEC) supplies steam and chilled water to more than 100 buildings in the downtown area. MEC’s system operates five interconnected plants, two stand-alone plants and two County. MEC recently completed a two and half year project to remove and replace its...


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Getting to Net Zero

Summary How can you get to 100% renewable energy? This idea is gaining traction at campuses and cities across the country; however, the pathway is not simple. Defining a plan to get lessen demand and move towards net-zero buildings is part of the solution, but what about the supply side or...


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Control System Planning for Utilities Plants: Evolution vs Creation

Summary Universities are continually facing the challenges of aging infrastructure and tight budgets. In addition, there’s greater interest in obtaining data and making decisions that positively impact plant efficiency and reliability. Plant control systems are a key component of the equation....


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Heat Pumps in District Energy Systems

Summary The strong trends of electrification and micro-grids have promoted one technology: the heat pump. The heat pump is the missing link between the electrical system and the thermal system. We will illustrate the potential of the heat pump as a mean for decarbonization by presenting three...