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Governance Models Overview

Speakers Laxmi Rao, International District Energy Association #2017 #AnnualConference #Workshop #ConferenceProceeding #GovernanceModels

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Getting to "Microgrid - Ready"

Summary What does it take to put together a well-performing microgrid? Learn what technical considerations should be made when designing microgrids; how to engage stakeholders for a successful project; and using PEER as a tool for microgrid performance. Speakers Michael Higginson, S&...

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Cities and Microgrids

Summary Thermal and electric resiliency are driving cities to consider microgrid solutions. Panelists in this session will provide insights, opportunities and challenges associated with incorporating microgrids into city planning. Speakers Galen Nelson, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center...

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Making the Microgrid- Utility Relationship Work

Summary Negotiating the relationship with your local utility can make or break a microgrid project. Often large and bureaucratic, utiliites can feel tricky to navigate. Sometimes learning the hard way, our 15 years of experience working with them on distributed energy resources, microgrids and...

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NY Prize and Transit Oriented Microgrids

Summary Public transit is the backbone of the modern economy, and it relies on total availability of grid services. When Superstorm Sandy impacted NYC, many such services were lost as water and wind overwhelmed the system and severely curtailed routine and emergency transit. The Amtrak NYC...

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Political, Financial and Technical Considerations of a Municipal, Multi-User Microgrid

Summary Like most other cities, towns, and municipalities in California, the City of Santa Monica provides many required amenities to its citizens and businesses. At the City Yard, the Public Works Department provides a diverse set of essential services to the community. By integrating site...

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So you want to be your own utility...

Summary So you want to be your own utility? This paper will be in inward look as to considerations on how to configure a mircogrid, from an operator that has lots of experience running a mircogrid. What physical configurations of your existing systems make microgrids easier than others. This...

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Microgrids are Bringing Certainty to Healthcare

Summary Healthcare facilities have a long history of effective emergency backup generation through investment, regulations, and testing. However, the normal supply from the grid has not provided the cost consistency, reliability, and resilience often needed by healthcare facilities teams to...

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Panel Discussion: Financing, De-Risking & Investing in Microgrids

Summary This workshop focuses on best practices in economic, business model innovation and risk mitigation strategies. Panelists Coleman Adams, Crescendo Power Soam Goel, Anbaric Development Partners Sudipta Lahiri, DNV GL Clark Wiedetz, Siemens #MicrogridConference ...

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