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Artificial intelligence boost for district heating and cooling

Diarmaid Williams, Decentralized Energy Summary Kempten University in Germany has patented an advanced thermal load prediction method, which is set to greatly benefit the effectiveness of district energy systems. For district heating networks , overall pipeline lengths of several 100...

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The city where the internet warms people's homes

Erin Biba, BBC Summary “The cloud” is a real place. The pictures you post on Instagram, the happy birthday wishes you leave on Facebook pages, and the TV shows you stream on Netflix aren’t living in a nebulous ball of condensation in the sky. They live on a massive series of servers – all...

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Driving to Optimum Efficiency

Summary Veolia North America and its consulting subsidiary, SourceOne, Inc. is developing the Veolia Efficiency Optimization System (VEOS), a comprehensive DAQ that provides real-time equipment and plant efficiencies as well as load-based target efficiencies. Upon completion in 2015, VEOS will...

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Manage Big Utility Data for Your Tenants with SourceOne and Emsys

Summary The new buzz in energy management is the smart city and big data management. Micro-grids are another white hot concept based on an existing time tested concept of a central energy deliver system. Reliability, Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, Energy Economics, and Benchmarking are...

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3D Documentation with the "Speed of Light"

Summary Most projects struggle with the accuracy of the existing as-built documentation. Any projects with existing structures, equipment, piping and etc. that have critical connection or penetration locations require accurate documentation. Almost all existing structures requiring...


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How Paris and Vienna are struggling to become the clean cities of the future

Pelle Matla, Energy Post Summary The success of the clean energy transition will depend to a large extent on the actions of local and regional authorities. Sustainability officers from Paris, Sabine Romon, and Vienna, Bernd Vogl, explain what clean energy goals they have set themselves and how...

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Machine Learning to Facilitate District Energy System Optimization: A Pharmaceutical Case Study

Summary How do you effectively optimize cooling loads in district-scale energy systems? Current algorithm-based optimization solutions are effective, but they require site-specific customization. The ideal solution incorporates integrated machine learning, which enables algorithms to improve...


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Real-Time Energy Asset Management: Data for Decisions and Behavior Changes at the University of Virginia

Summary Campus energy systems collect and trend large quantities of data from multiple sources including energy plants, SCADA, BAS, EMS, GIS, and building meters. The creation of a real-time energy asset structure with embedded data analytics has yielded insights into building and plant...

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New data centre to re-use waste heat to warm 10,000 homes

Ashton Young, Data Center News Summary A new high-density data centre in Stockholm is set to boost Sweden’s ‘clean green’ image even further by reusing waste heat to warm homes. The announcement from Borderlight AB, supplier of advanced IT and Telecom services, revealed the facility will have...

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The Hague: Using Big Data to plan for renewable thermal energy districts

Summary The Hague is the third city in The Netherlands, with about 1 million inhabitants in the bigger The Hague region. The Hague uses big data analyses the determine where which sustainable, affordable energy techniques should be applied. In this presentation attendees will learn about the...


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