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How Low Can You Go? Costs & Technical Considerations of Lower-Temp HW Building Conversion

Summary Shifting priorities and goals of university leadership reach ever deeper to obtain carbon reductions. Converting buildings to accept lower-temperature hot water has tremendous benefits, yet the costs and technicalities involved in this transition can be daunting. This presentation...


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Modernizing the DES in Canada's Capital

Summary Canada is committed to reducing GHG emissions. In Ottawa, the $2.6B (CAD) modernization of the DES connected to over 80 buildings, including the iconic Parliament Buildings, has begun. This talk will focus on the steps taken to plan the system expansion and the challenges faced along...


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What Are the Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Biofuels?

Summary A wide range of biofuels are being considered for GHG reduction in campus energy systems, including woody biomass, bioliquids and biogas. The concept of burning anything, even renewable fuels, is encountering increasing opposition. Determining the GHG emissions of biofuels is a tricky...


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Natural Power and FVB Form a Strategic Partnership Summary Leading renewable energy consultancy and service provider, Natural Power, and Swedish district energy consultant and design engineering expert, FVB, have formed a strategic partnership to further the advancement of district heating projects in the UK and Ireland. ...

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Thermal Strategies for Optimizing Microgrid Resiliency, Costs and Carbon

Summary Smart design of the thermal side of microgrids can contribute significantly to achieving key microgrid goals including cost-effective demand response, energy supply reliability and resiliency, source flexibility and carbon reduction. This presentation will describe thermal strategies...


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University of Victoria District Energy System Rejuvenation and Expansion

Summary The University of Victoria operates a hot water district energy system. Recently, the University has undertaken significant steps to improve system performance and efficiency. A new plant introduces primary-secondary pumping to enable a change from a near-constant flow system to a...


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Strategies for Successful Early Phase District Energy Development

Summary Many new DES are based around new development nodes which take years to buildout. A primary challenge in implementing these DES is matching capital investment to load growth. FVB and Corix will present strategies used to successfully control costs in early years of DE development, a...


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Due Diligence Review of District Energy Assets for Acquisition, Lessons Learned

Summary District energy assets are offered for sale under a variety of arrangements, including outright sale as well as a range of Public Private Partnership (P3) structures. This presentation will share lessons learned from years of experience in due diligence review. Topics will include:...


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Optimizing Design for Conversion from Steam to Hot Water

Summary Conversion from steam to hot water district heating can increase energy efficiency and facilitate access to low-carbon heat sources. This presentation addresses strategies for optimizing design of a successful campus conversion through integrated analysis of capital and operating cost...


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New Hot Water District Heating System for Cornell's North Campus Dorms

Speakers Jim Adams & Frank Perry, Cornell University Bryan Kleist, FVB Energy #ConferenceProceeding #CampusEnergyConference #2014 #Cornell #FVBEnergy #HotWater #Ithaca #NewYork #Featured

2C.3_Kleist_ Perry_ Adams.pdf