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New Edge data center to be built in Trondheim, Norway

DCD Summary Green Edge Compute AS and Statkraft have signed an agreement to build an Edge data center at Sluppen in Trondheim, Norway. The energy firm has partnered with the new data center company to build a data center ‘in the magnitude of 1-5MW’ and will be built at a location near to...

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Fortum’s high hopes for waste-to-energy CCS plants

Gas Control Equipment Summary A waste-to-energy plant running in the Norwegian capital of Oslo could soon utilise ground-breaking CCS technology to help reduce carbon emissions as the country looks to power ahead with its green recovery. That’s the end goal for international energy company...

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Aker Carbon Capture eyes CCS project at waste-to-energy plant

Nasdaq Summary Norway's Aker Carbon Capture ACC-ME.OL said on Tuesday it would explore developing a full-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) project at a waste-to-energy plant in Stavanger on the country's west coast. The project aims to capture up to 100,000 tonnes of CO2 per...

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PetroBio Supplies Wood Pellet Burners to Norwegian District Heat Facility

Bioenergy Insight Summary Sweden-based PetroBio will supply two pellet burners for a new district heating plant in the city of Jessheim, Norway. Jessheim is located between Oslo and Gardermoen Airport. The medium-sized city is growing steadily and now requires heating for households and...

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Aqua Secures Nordic Data Centre Deal

ResponseSource Summary Hampshire based engineering company, The Aqua Group, has been selected as a strategic partner to PVD Modular in a deal which will see at least seven off-the-grid data centres being built across Norway (three) and Finland (four) over the coming years. Aqua will...

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Enel and EnergyNest explore thermal energy storage opportunities

Energy Industry Review Staff, Energy Industry Review Summary Among innovative technology providers developing a thermal energy storage system, Norway-based cleantech company EnergyNest is currently one of the partners selected by multinational energy provider Enel for the analysis of the...

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How these 'ecocities' make environmental living a reality

Isabella O'Malley, The Weather Network Summary Geothermal-heated sidewalks and efficient public transit powered by bioenergy might sound too good to be true, but for some ecocities this is just a normal part of commuting to work. As developing regions accumulate wealth and develop into...

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Excess data center heat is no longer a bug -- it's a feature!

Fredric Paul, Network World from IDG Summary Every data center admin knows that dealing with excess heat is one of the biggest, most expensive factors involved in running a modern data center. For decades, engineers have been looking for new ways to mitigate the issue, and now Norway is...

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This town will get its heat from an unlikely source: A Data Center

Adele Peters, Fast Company Summary In a new town called Lyseparken, being built from scratch on vacant land near Bergen, Norway, a data center will help heat surrounding businesses–part of a design that could create the world’s first energy-positive city. “Our first goal was to make a...

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DigiPlex data center will help keep Oslo warm

Max Smolaks, DatacenterDynamics Summary Nordic data center operator DigiPlex has announced plans to recover waste thermal energy from its campus in Ulven, Oslo, and use it to heat residential properties. The company has agreed a partnership with a subsidiary of utility provider Fortum,...