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Tabreed, Masdar Successfully Complete Pilot Project to Enhance District Cooling Plant Energy Efficiency

Press Release, Albawaba Business The pilot project, conducted at Tabreed’s plant in Mohammed bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi, created a prototype for an optimal control system which was implemented following various testing phases. National Central Cooling Company PJSC (DFM: Tabreed), the...

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Advanced Energy Supply Strategies for Resilient Applications - Power Storage, Solar Turbines

Summary This presentation shares how adding battery storage can improve system efficiency and resiliency. Speaker Daniel Fingelton, Solar Turbines #Presentation #Military #Symposium #2017 #SolarPV #BatteryStorage #Resiliency #EnergyEfficiency #Optimization #Infrastructure


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University of Texas Austin – Supporting a Fast Track Mission-Critical Campus Healthcare Expansion

Summary The University of Texas at Austin underwent a campus expansion that included mission critical facilities at the hospital and medical campus. This presentation provides an overview of the master planning objectives, challenges, and successes. Speaker Juan Ontiveros, University of...

Ontiveros_Juan - Medical District.pdf

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Business Case for Resilient Energy System Scenarios, Industry Perspective – Thermo Systems

Summary Thermo Systems is a national, full-service control systems integration partner for energy and consumer markets. This presentation shares some of their experience with designing and implementing controls systems aimed at acheiving energy resiliency, system optimization and fiscal...

Zinger_Serge_Thermo Systems.pdf

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Co-optimizing Energy and Process in the Microgrid

Summary Resiliency and value of CHP in District Energy Systems is greatly enhanced by adding Microgrid Control Systems for islanding from the utility and intelligent load management controls. Traditional CHP and District Energy Control Systems are integrated with Microgrid Control Systems to co...


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Model-Based Online Power Management Solution A Key Element to any Microgrid Program

Summary Today's microgirds integrate considerable distributed energy resources (DERs) such as wind, solar, and energy storage with variable and controlled output power. This offers a great deal of flexibility which could help operation while it introduces several challenges to conventional...


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Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Integration - Microgrid

Summary Because microgrids can island, they can help ensure reliable supply if a cyberattack occurs on the U.S. grid. But what if the microgrid itself becomes the victim of a cyberattack? This presentation looks inside the Ameren microgrid, a project that is unique because its control system...


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Urban Ingenuity's New Microgrid Extension Service for Washington DC

Summary In 2017 Urban Ingenuity launched a new Microgrid Extension Service, under contract to DC's Department of Energy and Environment. The Service supports localized energy solutions for communities, downtowns, large-scale real estate developments, and campuses. We offer a unique package of...


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Chiller Plant Optimization: Extracting a 25% Efficiency Gain From a 16,000 Ton Chiller Plant in Atlantic City

Speakers Philip Kennedy, Kiltech John Rauch & Patrick Towbin, Pepco Energy Services #ConferenceProceeding #CampusEnergyConference #Optimization #Chillers #DistrictCooling #PEPCOEnergyServices #Kiltech #AtlanticCity #NewJersey #2014

4C.2_Rauch_ Towbin_ Kennedy.pdf

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Optimizing Efficiency of CHP Plant with Add-On Heat Pump in Stockholm, Sweden

Speakers Kenneth Hoffman, GEA Refrigeration Technologies #ConferenceProceeding #CampusEnergyConference #Optimization #GEARefrigerationTechnologies #Stockholm #Sweden #HeatPumps #2014