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Vattenfall selects Eliq for unique customer engagement in district heating project

Smart Energy International Summary Swedish power company Vattenfall has partnered with Eliq to trial new technology for customer engagement and optimisation of district heating in homes . District heating networks can contribute to a smart and decarbonised energy...

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Test project shows how Tampere's buildings can lower their carbon footprint

Sue Weekes, Smart Cities World Summary A smart district heating project in Tampere, Finland, has achieved cost-savings of 10 per cent and is helping to reduce the carbon footprint of student accommodation in the city. Tampere Power Utility is working with local company Enermix Oy to deliver...

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Valmet to optimize Helsinki district heating

Power Engineering International Summary Valmet has been chosen to supply an optimization solution for Helen Ltd’s district heat production and network in Helsinki, Finland. The system will be geared to improve the energy efficiency of Helen’s district heating network, reduce emissions, as...

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System Success Through Customer Care

Summary System growth and sustainability in Saint Paul has been built around commitment to the customer experience. This presentation detailed the customer care approach developed nearly 40 years ago to begin service in this community and how that approach has changed to compete in the market...


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Impact of Combustion Turbine Upgrades on Heat Recovery Steam Generators

Summary Upgrades to combustion turbines could reduce the heat rate but will often result in an increase in the exhaust gas massflow and temperature. In certain instances, this change in the exhaust gas flow properties will push the HRSG beyond its design limit. This presentation featured...

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The New Old Chiller

Summary Absorption chillers have been around for more than a century. They are coming back with several new possibilities to deliver resilient and clean cooling and heating for various applications. This session helps understand reasons why this thrilling (hypnotic) technology deserves a closer...


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Innovative Approach To Commercial Duct Sealing Offers New Low Hanging Fruit For Major Energy-Savings

With the understanding that duct leakage represents one of the most significant causes of energy waste in commercial buildings today, the U.S. Department of Energy sponsored research aimed at developing the first viable means of sealing duct leaks in existing homes and building. Since being...


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Innovative Water Recovery System Saves 50M Gallons per year

Clearway Energy’s San Francisco Energy Center needed a way to reduce its $2M per year water bill. Forming a 3-way Private, City and State Agency partnership, a project was built to recover local groundwater from the local BART train station, and install an innovative Water Treatment System that...


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Reaching New Depths – How a Hospital Modernized a Subsurface District Energy Plant

SUNY Downstate is one the nation’s leading urban medical centers and is the only academic medical center in Brooklyn, New York. Under the direction of the State University Construction Fund, “Downstate” completed a district heating plant renovation that included a complete replacement of 5...


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Energy Modeling and Analysis of Modern Absorption Cooling and Heating in District and CHP Systems

Summary This presentation talked about up-to-date modern absorption cooling and heat pump technology, puts emphasis on modeling and analysis method using massive and diverse energy data, and highlights the operational energy cost savings in different district energy and CHP applications....


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