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Energy Storage for Land-Challenged Campuses

Summary Ice storage can be ideal for land-locked campuses while enabling modular district cooling system growth. Using University of Arizona & New Mexico State examples, presenters will compare ice & water storage benefits, address ice storage myths and describe how to add ice storage...


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Campus Wide Utility Replacement at UMass Boston

Summary This $240M project upgraded the Central Utility Plant and replaced the entire utility distribution network for the entire campus. The energy distribution systems were upgraded in quality and size to deliver the energy demands of the existing and future planned buildings. Systems...


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Thermal Infrastructure Planning, Rehabilitation, & Expansion at the University of South Alabama

Summary With an aging thermal utility system, the University of South Alabama knew that to meet future expansion needs, significant system wide thermal utility upgrades would be required. The University started with implementing projects that would show fast energy savings allowing for quick ...


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Multi-Plant Predictive Optimization at UW Madison

Summary The University of Wisconsin has 4 chilled water plants providing up to 75,000 tons of cooling to 23 million square feet of campus buildings. Cooling is generated with 14 steam and electric chillers as large as 8,500 tons. This presentation will discuss the challenges and preliminary...


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Leveraging Advanced AI for Next-Gen Campus Energy Management

Summary The Ohio State University has one of the largest and busiest campuses of any university in the world, and some of the most ambitious energy and sustainability objectives. To meet its efficiency goals while streamlining operations and minimizing costs, OSU uses an advanced digital...


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Universities Reduce Cost and Carbon Footprint of their Stack Monitoring Systems

Summary Universities and Industrial Campus Power Plants with boilers and combustion turbines are required to demonstrate emission compliance by continuously monitoring their stack emissions. Historically this has been accomplished utilizing a Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEM). Now,...


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MSU College View - Rethinking Microgrids

Summary The Mississippi College View Development was a $67 million dollar multi-purpose project complete with student residences, retail, and mixed usage space. The project was the first privatized student residence in the entire state and took a state law to enable it's creation. Working hand...


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CHP Design Considerations for Cold Climates – Don’t Stick Your Tongue on That Pipe!

Summary Presentation will focus on two or three recent and current Canadian CHP projects in the 5 to 15 MW range and review the specific cold weather power island design and balance of plant considerations for industrial power projects. Track 5B: Combined Heat and Power Speakers Matt...


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Cogeneration as a Path to a Clean Energy Future: Adelphi University

Summary New York’s Adelphi University implemented CHP technology within a deep energy retrofit project. After completion, Adelphi not only achieved a 40% energy bill reduction, but also achieved a 30% GHG emissions reduction, increased resiliency and energy independence, all within an eight...


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Modernization of Brock University District Energy Plant - Preparing for the Future

Summary For 25 years, Brock University has operated a Hot Water Co-generation Plant, which serves over 80% of its campus. In 2018, the plant underwent a major modernization, renewing chillers, reciprocating engines and auxiliary systems to reduce carbon and increase campus resiliency as it...