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Next Generation District Energy Systems

Summary District energy systems are gaining momentum across North America. However, the traditional “heating only” systems no longer meet the current needs of our society. Integral Group has developed innovative “next generation” district energy solutions that have stellar environmental...


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Surrey's Low-Carbon District Energy Strategy

Summary This presentation will focus on Surrey’s City-owned DE utility and its plan to realize a community scale reduction in GHG emissions from buildings. To achieve this vision, the City has developed a 3-phase plan that commenced in 2014 and will result in the utility meeting its carbon...


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The Role of Thermal Networks for Low-Carbon Resilient Communities

Summary The Etobicoke Civic Centre Precinct, a City-owned 14 acre brownfield, is being master planned as Toronto's first low-carbon community. New buildings will be designed for low energy use and will connect to a new low-carbon thermal energy network. The City of Toronto's new Etobicoke Civic...


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Biomass Supply Chain for District Heating – How to Avoid Supply Chain Failure

Summary To meet the carbon reduction mandate, district heating facilities have become interested in renewable fuels. Woody biomass is the most promising source of carbon neutral fuel. However, woody biomass supply chains tend to be underdeveloped, complex, and often misunderstood. Consequently,...


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The Implementation of a Low Temperature District Energy Systems using Geoexchange Technology

Summary Experience related to the installation of district energy systems using Geoexchange technology will be discussed. Low temperature vs high temperature design approaches will be compared, along with issues related to choosing the right design and contracting team. The presenter will share...


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The Energy Generation Revolution

Summary A revolution in the way we generate energy is driving a complete overhaul of the sector. Public authorities embrace this revolution to favor sustainability, resiliency and affordable energy within their territories. Major improvements in energy efficiency, technology and energy...


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Six Years of Success for Canada's First Private Biomass District Heating System

Summary Fink Machine Inc. owns and operates Canada's first wholly privately owned biomass district heating system in Canada built without government support (11 clients, 1.5 km of piping). This presentation will review the operation and expansion of the system located in Enderby, BC since it...


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District Heating with Modern Wood Energy in the American West

Summary Where forest resources abound, woody biomass provides a locally-appropriate renewable energy solution to conventional fossil fuel systems. Site conditions, client objectives, and available wood fuels guide the design of biomass applications, and make for projects that are both unique...


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Green Heating Solutions by Recovering Waste Heat

Summary This session provides an overview of China’s green heating initiative and green heating solutions for district heating with applications ranging from CHP plant, treated sewage water, ground surface water heat recovery and industrial cooling water heat recovery. Session Track 4D ...


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Air-Source Heat Pumps for Low-Carbon Heating and Cooling

Summary The Lulu Island Energy Company undertook the design and construction of a 1.5 MW air-source heat pump plant to service a new large-format retail development, which was commissioned in Fall 2016. The plant provides heating and cooling to 70% of the floor area of the new development (284...