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Power switch: Simple steps can cut energy bills

Martin Daks, NJBIZ Summary Beginning in April, the City of Hoboken will purchase “100 percent clean, non-polluting renewable electricity” for municipal facilities, according to an announcement from Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. Besides being eco-friendly, the changeover is expected to be green in...

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Cornell's Renewable Energy Initiatives: From 115-Year-Old Hydroelectric Plant to Rooftop Solar Farms

Jeffery Li, The Cornell Daily Sun Summary Built in 1904 in the Fall Creek gorge, Cornell’s first hydroelectric plant served to provide renewable energy to Ithaca’s campus. More than 120 years later, the plant generates only two percent of Cornell’s total electricity, according to Sarah...

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Mapped: Every Power Plant in the United States

Jeff Desjardins, Visual Capitalist Summary Every year, the United States generates 4,000 million MWh of electricity from utility-scale sources. While the majority comes from fossil fuels like natural gas (32.1%) and coal (29.9%), there are also many other minor sources that feed into the...

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Beyond Coal - Ohio University's Transformation to Cleaner Fuels

Summary Ohio University made an aggressive commitment to its students and the community of Athens to discontinue coal use in its Lausche Heating Plant. Achieving this goal would require replacing its 50 year old coal fired boilers. This presentation shares the experience of how the promise was...


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Getting to Net Zero

Summary How can you get to 100% renewable energy? This idea is gaining traction at campuses and cities across the country; however, the pathway is not simple. Defining a plan to get lessen demand and move towards net-zero buildings is part of the solution, but what about the supply side or...


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Heat Pumps in District Energy Systems

Summary The strong trends of electrification and micro-grids have promoted one technology: the heat pump. The heat pump is the missing link between the electrical system and the thermal system. We will illustrate the potential of the heat pump as a mean for decarbonization by presenting three...


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UC Davis Path to Carbon Neutrality by 2025

Summary UC Davis continues its aggressive path toward carbon neutrality. The campus has invested heavily in hydropower, solar, and wind and is expected to receive about 70% of its electricity supply from renewable or carbon neutral sources in 2018. The campus is also continuing energy...


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University of MD College Park: An Energy Strategy for a Secure Future

Summary The University of MD College Park has been a leader in utilizing energy solutions to make it more green, more efficient, and more prepared for potential system interruptions. From a robust Climate Action Plan to investments in distributed generation, the University is creating a...


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PSU's Road to Sustainability

Summary Penn State is increasing its focus on sustainability and reduction of its carbon footprint. Much has been done with fuel conversions, efficiency improvements, CHP, fuel cells, and renewable energy sources. They are on the road planning future improvements. Burns & McDonnell worked...


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Aalborg CSP Secures Order for Industrial Solar Heating Plant in Denmark

Dan McCue, Renewable Energy Magazine Summary Aalborg received the order from the Danish district heating plant Egedal Fjernvarme A/S. Renewable energy is familiar territory for the district heating plant, which installed a biomass boiler in 2018. With the construction of a new solar heating...