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Rocky Mountain Institute and Partners Awarded $450,000 Research Grant to Stop Power Outages at Airports

Rocky Mountain Institute Summary Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and partners were awarded a $450,000 research grant from Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) July 17, to develop an airport microgrid implementation toolkit that will help airports avoid power outages and prevent massive...

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Extending the Campus: Getting Microgrid Ready

Speakers Leia Guccione, Rocky Mountain Institute #CampusEnergyConference #2014 #ConferenceProceeding #Workshop #Microgrids #RockyMountainInstitute


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Comprehensive Carbon Emission Target Plan for Arizona State University

Summary Rocky Mountain Institute, in partnership with Ameresco Inc., helped Arizona State University develop a comprehensive plan (our case study) to meet one of the most aggressive carbon targets in the country – 100% reduction by 2025. Our approach integrated building efficiency, central...


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An Antidote to the Utility-Versus-Renewables Conflict

Julian Spector, Greentech Media July 26, 2017 Summary In a time of tension over the future of the grid, the Rocky Mountain Institute’s eLab Accelerator gets all sides talking. A New York Times analysis this month tallied the states that recently rolled back net metering and...

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An Integrative Business Model for Net-Zero Energy Districts

Summary Net zero energy (NZE) at the district scale can deliver lower life-cycle costs compared to business-as-usual at similar first costs, while creating a more healthy, resilient, and sustainable community. Our report, An Integrative Business Model for NZE Districts, helps overcome the...