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Improving the Cornell Plant with New Package Boilers

Summary This presentation provides an overview of Cornell's boiler upgrade project and the business case for why. Speakers Stacey Edwards, Cornell University Michael Blake, Sega, Inc. #CampusEnergyConference #NorthAmerica #SegaInc #ConferenceProceeding #Steam #NewYork ...


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MIT Control Upgrades for Critical Utility Services

Summary MIT worked with Sega Inc. to upgrade its central utility plant DCS controls without ever going offline. Drivers included: 1) Needed upgrade for antiquated system. 2) Inability to find spare parts for maintenance and replacement efforts. 3) Difficulties around maintenance. 4) Lack of...


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CHP Minor Source Permitting - The Future Is Small

Summary Small size and emissions of CHP requires reduced air permitting efforts by avoiding major review encumbrances. Proactively incorporating the players involved, design requirements, space limitations, and operational needs have always been keys to a successful permitting process; but...


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High Performance Graphics for Improved Operator Interface at the University of Northern Iowa

Summary Over time, controls graphics have become more colorful and busy to the detriment of operators. Often, operators have very little context for nearing alarm points and operating toward negative operating trends. High performance graphics are a method of improving operator interaction by...


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Equipment Upgrades in a Space-Constrained Plant: University of Rochester Boiler Installation

Summary The University of Rochester is replacing an existing boiler with a new unit in their space-constrained plant. Several challenges were overcome to fit this new unit. This presentation will explore identification of these space challenges and methods for addressing these challenges....