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Richmond, B.C., and Corix partner on City Centre district energy program

This article appears in the Q2 2018 of District Energy magazine. The city of Richmond, B.C., has created a novel public-private partnership with Corix Utilities to develop district energy services for its downtown core. Located on Lulu Island in the Fraser River estuary, the city of...

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Metro Vancouver’s vibrant district energy market

This article appears in the Q2 2018 of District Energy magazine. Across the greater Vancouver, B.C., area, neighborhood energy systems are growing in size and number and increasing their use of renewable energy technologies. The mountain-backed seaport of Vancouver, B.C., on Canada’s...

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InstarAGF Essential Infrastructure Fund Partners with Creative Energy

Press Release, Globe Newswire TORONTO, Feb. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InstarAGF Asset Management Inc. (“InstarAGF”) today announced that the InstarAGF Essential Infrastructure Fund has agreed to acquire a 50% equity interest in Creative Energy (“Creative Energy”), a member of IDEA and a...

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Sapperton District Energy System: A Unique Opportunity

Speakers Mike Homenuke, Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Norm Connolly, City of Westminster #AnnualConference #2014 #ConferenceProceeding #DistrictEnergyinCities #KerrWoodLeidal #CityofWestminster #SappertonDistrictEnergySystem #Vancouver #BritishColumbia #Canada

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Seeking Heat in Sewage

Summary Excess energy in the sewer system can be recovered and used to heat buildings. Using this energy is an economical means of displacing natural gas and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as demonstrated by the Southeast False Creek system in Vancouver. Municipalities in the Metro...

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Path to Innovative & Successful Low-carbon DES Solutions

Speakers Vladimir Mikler, Integral Group #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #Sustainability #RenewableEnergy #IntegralGroup #ProjectPlanning #Vancouver #BritishColumbia #Canada #Fuels #Biomass


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Oakridge redevelopment models show sculpted, sweeping towers

Peter Meiszner, UrbanYVR Summary Design work on the redevelopment of Oakridge Centre is well underway, with a 3D architectural model showing sculpted towers across the 28.5-acre site. Owner QuadReal and developer Westbank are working on a new redevelopment scheme for the shopping centre, and...

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Corix receives approval to move on Burnaby Mountain (BC) District Energy Utility project

The British Columbia Utilities Commission approved Corix Multi-Utility Services Inc’s request for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity on September 15. The decision allows Corix to move ahead on construction of a new district energy system to provide thermal energy services to Simon...

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New North Shore sewage treatment plant could produce renewable energy

Jennifer Saltman, Vancouver Sun Summary Metro Vancouver’s board will decide this week whether to spend $17.9 million on a system to capture thermal energy from treated sewage at the new North Shore Waste Water Treatment Plant. Staff have recommended the expenditure, along with an agreement to...

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Living the Dream: University of British Columbia Steam to Hot Water Conversion

Summary In this segment we will follow the many dimensions along with the UBC conversion journey was charted and traveled, exposing valuable lessons during a major community energy transformation. Speaker Paul Holt, University of British Columbia #BritishColumbia ...


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