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Hydronic systems vs. Steam systems

Patrick Lach, Maxi-Therm When deciding on the distribution source for heating buildings in a campus or healthcare setting, many engineers will design a primary /secondary loop the buildings and mechanical rooms. The question is what to use as a primary heating source–hot water hydronic or steam...

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UMass Amherst Electrical System Modifications Resulting in Increased Reliability of CHP

Summary Drawing on examples, lessons learned/best practices from major DBOOM projects, we will explore the “3rd Generation” of CHP and how benefits and drivers have evolved/expanded over time, while also unveiling the challenges. We will highlight how incorporating storage, renewables, and...


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The Art of Replacing Boilers and Chillers in a Central Plant Without Impact to Production Needs

Summary Resulting from IB MACT 255,000PPH of coal fired steaming capacity was replaced with natural gas boilers. Four 70,000PPH rental boilers were installed for two years while a four-on-four boiler swap was performed. At the same time 4,800 tons of absorption chillers were replaced with 7...


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Boynton gives final OK for new $118 million downtown

Alexandra Seltzer, Palm Beach Post Site plan for Boynton Beach’s Town Square project (Handout: City of Boynton Beach) Summary City officials gave the final OK on Tuesday to pay about $118 million to redevelop 16 acres off Boynton Beach Boulevard into a pedestrian-friendly, town...

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Converted Turbine, New Boilers and Stacks: Reliable, Responsible, Ready for Growth

Summary Abbott Power Plant at the Champaign-Urbana Campus of the University of Illinois recently completed a two-phase project to remove three 325 psig boilers and install three 850 psig boilers to increase the reliability and flexibility of the cogeneration operation. The project is part of...


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Energy Master Planning Meets the Real World at the University of Calgary

Summary In 2006, the University of Calgary updated their Energy Master Plan, setting the course for a sustainable and economical future. In the years since, the campus has expanded by roughly 1 million square feet while reducing both CO2 emissions 40% below 1990 levels, and reducing energy...


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Oklahoma State University's New Central Plant - From Master Plan to Completion

Summary In 2016, our team presented the story of completing a Campus Utility Master Plan, designing a central plant, and beginning construction in less than three years. Now, our team will tell the conclusion of the story, highlighting the construction, commissioning, and completion of the new...


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UC System Expansion and Renewal

Summary The University of Chicago’s South Steam Plant (SSP) was originally commissioned in the 1920s as a coal-fired power plant. In the 1970s, the plant was modified to remove coal-fired boilers from operation; four (4) new field-erected single-burner boilers were installed.The dual-fuel...


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DES Buildout to Support 100 Year Old Campus Expansion

Summary St. Elizabeths, a 100 year old former mental health hospital in Washington DC, is being remodeled into the Homeland Security Headquarters. The new CUP includes a 9100 ton chiller plant, 1500 MBH HHW plant and 21 MW of electrical generation – built underground to preserve historic...


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District Heating Retrofits: Finding the Balance Between Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Net Present Value

Summary Ecosystem will share insights on how their initiatives will result in drastic energy and GHG emission reduction, while maximizing Net Present Value. They will discuss the impact of steam to hot water conversion, heat recovery chillers, combined heat and power, energy storage and other...