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Con Edison CEO: Smart Meters, Technology and Renewables Will Improve Service to Customers

Press Release, Globe Newswire NEW YORK, May 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Consolidated Edison, Inc., (Con Edison) (NYSE: ED ) Chairman and CEO John McAvoy told a shareholder audience that smart meters, technology investments, and increased integration of renewables will improve service to...

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Dubai Airports to save 20% on annual energy bill with Siemens solution

Press Release, Zawya Siemens guarantees power and water savings for seven years. Data analytics from automation systems used to design tailor-made energy conservation measures Dubai Airports will use Siemens’ data analytics and smart building technology to guarantee annual...

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Bornholm Island Acts as Microgrid Lab for Denmark’s Green Ambitions

Yasmin Ali, Microgrid Knowledge Summary Denmark has an ambitious target to produce 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2050. But integrating renewable energy into the system makes it difficult to balance the intermittent supply with demand. With its high abundance of...

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Veolia launches new range of energy efficiency services to reduce costs and cut carbon

Press Release, Veolia Global resource management company, Veolia, has launched a new range of energy efficiency and monitoring services which are designed to help organisations cut their emissions, reduce costs and energy consumption, and achieve the ISO 50001 energy management standard. With...

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Meter Selection Strategies and Best Practices

Summary “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.”—Lord Kelvin. Flow measurement provides critical data required for reducing energy and water usage in district energy or combined heat and power systems. This presentation looks at the fundamentals for getting a quality flow measurement...


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Improving Performance and Reliability While Reducing Costs Through Better Flow Measurement

Summary The top three reasons users want better control through flow measurement are: the value of metering steam versus condensate “front-end metering” versus “back-end” metering,” customers are not looking for cheap instruments, they are looking for solutions that are reliable and that...


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Implementing a Cloud-Based Utility Billing System at the University of Texas Austin

Summary How the University implemented a fully digital utility billing system that uses generated energy meter data from 160 buildings plus paper purchased utility bills the system used an AI module for external utilities vouchers entry. The monthly billing process time was reduced by one...


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Driving Key Performance Indicators with Metering and Controls Data

Summary The proliferation of data accumulation and low cost data storage has generated information beyond that which the individual can review and manage. By understanding the data available, key performance indicators can be established to identify inefficient energy use system wide and at...


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An Integrated Approach to Central Energy Plant Control Systems

Summary Central Energy Plants often have a several disparate control systems implemented within various portions of their facilities. The complexity of this approach often results in lower plant availability and higher O&M costs. This paper will present a concept for an integrated...


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Benefits of an Energy Command Center

Summary UMass Amherst has a multi-boiler, multi-fuel (gas, LNG, oil) CHP, 5 MW of PV and may soon have a 1MW/4 MWh battery located behind its main utility meter that meet most of our energy needs. We optimize for both operational and economic efficiency. We are creating a new energy dashboard...