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Maryland Selects 14 Microgrids for Initial Project Funding

Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge Summary Maryland yesterday announced winners in its resilience solicitation, 14 facilities that speak to the range of operations now pursuing microgrid projects — from marginalized neighborhoods to food production operations to a marine terminal. The...

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New Jersey Prepares for Second Round of Microgrid Funding

Lisa Cohn, Microgrid Knowledge Summary New Jersey expects to begin accepting applications in November for its second round of microgrid funding, part of a program that already has 13 towns studying the feasibility of microgrids. As a precursor, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities...

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Designing Advanced Microgrids for ‘Shelters in Place’

Summary Microgrids can be clearly defined to include interconnected loads and distributed energy resources (DER) across several rights of way. In New Jersey, these “advanced microgrids” are defined as Town Center Distributed Energy Resources (TCDER) microgrids. After Hurricane Sandy, the New...

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New Jersey Town Center Microgrids in Hoboken, Neptune and Galloway

Summary Three microgrid studies will be presented and contrasted. These have all received grants under the NJBoard of Public Utilities Town Center Distributed Energy Resources (TCDER) grant program. Each represents a significant different challenge ranging from a highly urbabized setting in...


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Arlington Microgrid - A Learning Experience for the Utility Marketplace

Summary Snohomish County Public Utility District (SnoPUD) has embarked on the design of a microgrid at their new Arlington Office with the following functions in mind: Renewable Energy Resource Integration, Grid Support and Ancillary Services, Disaster Recovery, and Vehicle to Grid (V2G)...

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Leeds turns up the heat - but we're still Norway near

Andy King, Construction News Summary In spring next year, Leeds’ new district heating network is expected to come online. When finished, the scheme heat and hot water produced in a new recycling and energy recovery facility will be delivered to nearly 2,000 homes – making it one of...

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Office of Energy Assurance Issues Open Request for Information, Seeks Innovative Energy Resilience Ideas

Summary The Government is performing market research to determine feasibility of contracting for various energy generation technologies for the purpose of providing resilience and solutions to Air Force Office of Energy Assurance (OEA). OEA serves as the facilitator and integrator of energy...


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Procurement models for District Energy System Projects

Summary With a mandate from the Trudeau Government to meet Canada’s commitments under the Paris Accord, Public Services Procurement Canada is considering the feasibility of any carbon neutral fuel source that could be used in our modernized district energy system. This workshop will provide a...


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Burlington's 34-Year-Old District Energy Plan Is Gathering Steam

Katie Jickling, Seven Days Vermont Joseph C. McNeil Generating Station JAMES BUCK Summary David MacDonnell has been working at Burlington's Joseph C. McNeil Generating Station since it first opened in 1984. For 34 years, the biomass plant's dull roar has continued almost...

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Air Force Issues RFI for PPA at JB MDL

Summary The Air Force released a Request for Information (RFI), solicitation number W912DY-18-T-PPA1 , to conduct market research and determine the feasibility of implementing various energy generation technologies to improve resilience at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB MDL) in New...