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Surgical Repairs to a Medical Campus’ Ailing Steam Distribution System

Summary This presentation reviews Temple University Health Science Center's (HSC) underground steam piping infrastructure replacement. Speaker Michael Calabrese, Burns Engineering #BurnsEngineering #ConferenceProceeding #TempleUniversity #Steam #Optimization #2016 ...


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Innovative Design Strategies for Microgrids in Dense Urban Settings

Summary The benefits of urban campus microgrids extend far beyond the immediate campus walls. These densely packed settings and stringent air quality limits pose unique design, equipment selection and construction challenges. This session will discuss a campus microgrid project in the heart of...


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Combined Heat and Power for Military Installations

Summary Combined Heat and Power (CHP) produces electricity and heat. Thermal energy is more challenging to transport than electricity because CHP systems are typically installed at sites with large, steady thermal loads, such as large campuses. Military Installations have a unique consideration...


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Assessment and Upgrade of High Temperature Hot Water Systems at Dulles and JFK Airports and SUNY Stony Brook

Summary Successful project development requires many things beyond a workable technical design. Many public grant programs include the inherent challenges of high-end capacity costs, low utilization and the need to keep operating costs close to utility costs in order to gain host site approval,...


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Utility Master Planning at the University of Pennsylvania

Summary Planning for the growth and upkeep of a campus utility system in a dense urban environment presents a unique set of challenges for the University of Pennsylvania. This presentation will discuss interfacing with local utilities, renewal, evaluating system capacity and potential CHP...