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ENGIE to build district cooling system in Punggol Digital District

FutureIOT Summary JTC Corporation has tapped ENGIE South East Asia to build, own and operate the underground district cooling system (DCS) for the Punggol Digital District, Singapore’s first smart business district that integrates a national university, business park and community...

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ENGIE and Georgetown University launch partnership to promote energy sustainability

ENGIE Summary ENGIE and Georgetown University in Washington DC, USA announced today that they have entered into a comprehensive energy agreement to address sustainability and energy conservation through ENGIE’s management of the university’s utility system. This strategic alignment will help...

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Stevens to begin sourcing 100% of electricity from renewable energy this fall

ROI-NJ.COM Summary Stevens Institute of Technology will source 100% of its electricity directly from a local renewable energy source beginning this fall, the school announced Monday. The effort will put Stevens among a small number of universities in the U.S. electing to voluntarily...

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Belgium's First Commercial-Scale Hydrogen Cogeneration Plant

AZO Cleantech Summary ENGIE and INEOS Phenol have teamed up to develop and maintain Belgium’s first hydrogen commercial-scale cogeneration plant. Through a chemical reaction known as electrolysis, water is split into its chemical components, leaving two hydrogen molecules for every oxygen...

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ENGIE, STORENGY, TRACTEBEL, ENGIE Impact, ENGIE Lab CRIGEN, SIRADEL and ENGIE Digital co-worked with NewHeat, Savosolar Oyj, PlanEnergi and AEE Intec to design the winning project “HIVE” !

City of Helsinki Summary Hive Award Winners! Storengy (France): Philippe Aubry Newheat (France): Julien Metge Engie (France & Belgium): Romain Donat – Sandrine Bosso – Valentin Gavan – Jean-Baptiste Débonnaire – Albin Popot PlanEnergi (Denmark): Daniel Trier AEE Intec (Austria):...

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ENGIE and Equitix win University of Birmingham contract

PBC Today Summary ENGIE and Equitix have secured a contract with the University of Birmingham to transform Pritchatts Park student accommodation village into a state-of-the-art low carbon campus. The project involves the creation of 496 new highly energy-efficient student homes and an...

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ENGIE, SIDF training program to develop local talent

Arab News Summary ENGIE, the France-headquartered energy and services conglomerate, and the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) have welcomed the first batch of trainees for the 2021 ENGIE Saudi Knowledge Sharing Training Program. The program will focus on the cultivation of skills...

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INEOS launches hydrogen pilot project in Belgium

Power Engineering International Summary For the first time in Belgium, hydrogen will be used in a commercial scale cogeneration plant designed to generate electricity and heat from natural gas. The aim of the pilot project by INEOS and ENGIE is to replace natural gas with hydrogen used by...

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Howard University Announces 20-Year Energy Partnership with ENGIE North America

Howard University Summary ENGIE North America announced today that it has solidified its relationship with Howard University , one of the nation’s premiere HBCUs, by executing a long-term agreement for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of a new central utility...

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ENGIE incorporates divisions in a new MESCATA business

Power Technology Summary ENGIE says that regional offices will be used as part of its updated strategy to keep accelerating the transition towards carbon-neutral economies. The joining of ENGIE MESCAT and Africa is seen as mutually beneficial, combining scale and expertise with deep market...