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Hybrid geothermal energy plant to connect to Alberta power grid

Angie Bergenson, Hydrogen Fuel News Summary Geothermal power technology to be retrofitted onto an existing oil and gas battery. A hybrid geothermal energy plant is being constructed in Swan Hills, Alberta, Canada. A team of scientists from the University of Alberta is collaborating with...

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We May Soon Be Able to Harness the Heat in Subway Tunnels to Cool Our Homes Instead

Good News Network Summary If you have ever ridden an underground subway system in the summer, then you’re probably familiar with the crippling heat and humidity that can come with it. Thankfully, researchers now believe that we may be able to use the varying temperatures of transit systems to...

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SHARC Energy and Borders College Powering on with Green Heat Milestone

Globe Newswire Summary VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sharc International Systems Inc. (CSE: SHRC) (FSE: IWIA) (OTCQB: INTWF) ("SHARC" or "the Company") is pleased to announce that SHARC Energy and Borders College are celebrating the delivery of 2 gigawatt...

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DCD>Energy Smart: Stockholm Data Parks announces 30 MW campus

Peter Judge, DCD Summary Stockholm Data Parks has launched a new 30MW greenfield data center campus at Brista, 32km north of the city, and 8km from the Arlanda international airport. The new site, announced at DCD's Energy Smart event in Stockholm, is adjacent to a combined heat and power ...

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New €400m 'fossil free' district heating networks planning for Amsterdam

Priyanka Shrestha, Energy Live News Summary A new €400 million (£347m) investment programme for district heating networks aimed at providing “fossil free” heating and hot water in Amsterdam has been announced. It is a provisional joint investment between Swedish power company ...

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Decarbonising heat becomes a hot topic

Will Stirling, The Engineer Summary District heat networks that use locally available waste heat could be key to delivering on the UK's low carbon energy commitments. Will Stirling reports. Engineers in the energy distribution and heating industry are working on a daunting but exciting...

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Broadening the Effectiveness of Heat Recovery Chillers

Summary As more campuses convert to hot water distribution, there is opportunity to use of heat recovery chillers to increase system efficiency. This presentation discusses new strategies that can extend the effectiveness of heat recovery chillers that can dramatically reduce energy use....


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Kelvion Launches Two New Products for Transforming Waste Heat into Energy

Press Release, POWER Industrial facilities and power pants generate waste heat that is usually released into the air. Kelvion has the solutions for how 2 Recover Waste Heat with two new additions to its product portfolio - the Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger and the EcoMi modular economizer. They...

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Aqua Secures Nordic Data Centre Deal

ResponseSource Summary Hampshire based engineering company, The Aqua Group, has been selected as a strategic partner to PVD Modular in a deal which will see at least seven off-the-grid data centres being built across Norway (three) and Finland (four) over the coming years. Aqua will...

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New Absorption Chillers from Johnson Controls are Energy Efficient

Johnson Controls, Inc., Thomas Industry Update Summary Johnson Controls’ new absorption chillers run on water, a natural refrigerant. They are driven by waste or other low-cost heat sources. They feature a two-step evaporator-absorber and parallel flow design which has a lower salt...