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Future Proofing Long-Term Projects

Modern Building Services Summary When a project has a particularly long timescale it is essential to rethink the HVAC strategy. District energy schemes, for example, are typically rolled-out gradually, linking additional buildings to the network over an extended period (years rather than...

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Energy Planning for Carbon Reduction Outcomes

Summary States and higher education campuses are announcing goals and targets for carbon reduction and carbon neutrality, at times without defined plans or projects that will achieve these goals. Many are also focused on just the buildings and missing the opportunity for district scale systems...


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How Do the Differences Between the Standards (EN, ASTM and ASME) Effect the Quality, Cost

Summary A comparison of the applicable norms for pre-insulated piping systems looking into general considerations for system design such as service life, project class and documentation. We will also examine components and materials; steel pipe components (steel grade and schedules), insulation...


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Using Generators and Batteries as Non Wires Alternatives

Summary Located in a constrained region in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Navy Yard is facing an unprecedented growth of load over the course of five years. The presentation will review the various options that were reviewed, including an expansion of the substations at significant cost,...


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Energy Systems: A View from 2035

Summary Based on the recently published Energy Systems: A view from 2035. This presentation included a vision of the future energy system which has transitioned to a resilient, low-carbon economy. It sets out the practical steps needed now to move towards this future and provides case-studies...


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A 1st principles approach to rapidly building a profitable Microgrid

Summary The microgrid market is developing rapidly as stakeholders have verifiable examples of successful installations in the utility, municipal, and healthcare spaces. Smart microgrid design achieves goals such as energy supply reliability and resiliency, source flexibility, cost-effective...

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Data-Based Tools for the Planning and Development of Thermal Networks

LBNL is developing a web-based tool that identifies areas of potential for district thermal energy networks across the United States. This identifies and maps the scope and scale for waste heat and cooling sales in the domestic, commercial and industrial markets at a Census Block granularity. In...


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Maximizing the Usefulness of Existing Assets: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Utility Master Plan

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is taking a unique approach to their new utility master plan with a focus on optimization and condition assessment of their existing production and distribution systems along with traditional utility master plan activities. Investigations include load...


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Districlima, A District Energy System Success Story from Barcelona

Situated in the bustling city of Barcelona, Districlima is a case study of how a district energy system has been successfully expanded over 11 years. We will delve into the planning, technologies and challenges that surfaced along its way to becoming a symbol of innovation and sustainability. ...


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Energy Infrastructure Planning for Resilience, Carbon Reduction and Flexibility

How do you make sound energy infrastructure decisions in the face of uncertainty regarding: future costs and environmental attributes of electricity, fossil fuels and renewable fuels; potential impacts of climate change on loads and grid reliability; regulatory and policy changes; and energy...