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Expanding Delta T in Enwave's Cooling System

Summary Enwave’s Deep Lake Water Cooling System is continuing to grow and attract customers throughout the fastest growing city in North America. This growth presents a welcome challenge to look to creative ways to leverage existing assets and optimize operations. This presentation will...


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Thermal Energy Submetering: Sustainability Through Accountability

Summary Community utility consumption in energy conscious markets is transforming to more sustainable heating and cooling options. Challenges arise for thermal utilities, developers and communities to keep pace with other established utilities in the accurate measurement of energy in addition...


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Use of Innovative Solutions for Energy Savings at UBC

Summary There is an increasing trend in the HVAC industry to match the supply of heating, cooling, outdoor air, and lighting to meet building users’ needs. This is usually accomplished through the use of simple occupancy sensors. UBC Energy and Water Services (EWS), however, has adopted a novel...


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Deploying Control Strategies to Cut Operating Costs and Reclaim Cooling Capacity at a Pharma Facility

Speakers Michael Nyhan, Merk & Co. Erik Silk, Thermo Systems #MerkandCo #ThermoSystemsLLC #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #MeteringandControls ​​​​​​​

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Control System Considerations for Combined Heat and Power Plants

Speakers John Beaudry, Jacobs Engineering #MeteringandControls #ConferenceProceeding #AnnualConference #2014 #JacobsEngineering #Reliability ​​​​​​​​​​​ #CyberSecurity


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Innovative Systems Management of Thousands of Customer Meters

Speakers Ramesh Ramadurai, Empower #MeteringandControls #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #Empower #MiddleEast #DistrictCooling


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Reclaiming Water in Pender County, North Carolina

Summary Pender County, North Carolina is building a satellite water reclamation plant utilizing ecological treatment techniques to provide wastewater treatment services for the US Highway 421 corridor and provide reclaimed water for a future industrial park. The plant, known as a WaterHub™,...


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Metering of Steam, Hot Water, and Chilled Water

Summary This workshop overviews the type of products available for metering steam and water systems. Speakers Richard Gruskos, Kessler-Ellis Products Co #2015 #CampusEnergyConference #Workshop #ThermalDistribution #Kessler-EllisCo #MeteringandControls #Steam #HotWater

Gruskos-IDEA 2015 Utility Flow Metering for Steam and Chilled Water.pdf

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Case Studies In Operating a Microgrid: Lessons Learned in Protective Relaying

Summary This workshop presents an overview on protective relaying and focuses on three case studies, differential, sub switches, and outages. Speaker Edd Lovette, PowerServices #2015 #CampusEnergyConference #Workshop #Microgrids #PowerServices #MeteringandControls #UnitedStates ...

LOVETTE_DEA 2015 Conference Presentation DRAFT-REV1 03Feb2015 (4).pdf

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Microgrid Power Study Migrates to Integrated Multi-Campus Design of Facility Controls

Summary This presentation shares Environmental System Design's experiences with master planning approaches for campus microgrids. Speakers Paul Barter, Environmental System Design Steven Brown, Environmental System Design #2015 #CampusEnergyConference #Workshop #Microgrids ...

Barter, Brown_MicroGrid Power Study Migrates to Integrated Multi-Campus Design.pdf