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Test project shows how Tampere's buildings can lower their carbon footprint

Sue Weekes, Smart Cities World Summary A smart district heating project in Tampere, Finland, has achieved cost-savings of 10 per cent and is helping to reduce the carbon footprint of student accommodation in the city. Tampere Power Utility is working with local company Enermix Oy to deliver...

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Empower Enhances the Efficiency of its Command Control Centre by Adopting New Technology

ZAWYA Summary Dubai: Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation ( Empower ), the world's largest district cooling services provider, announced that it has enhanced the capability of its Command Control Centre (CCC) for district cooling plants by establishing a new system, ...

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Optimum Energy Builds Innovation Portfolio with New Patent for Whole-Campus HVAC Optmization

Optimum Energy Summary SEATTLE, Sept. 26, 2019— Optimum Energy continues to advance smart building technology and scale up energy efficiency potential with a new patent issued this month, which adds to the HVAC specialist’s technology advantage in optimizing building environmental systems...

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Establishing a Smart Building Industry Standard

Troy Harvey, Summary The problem with today's “smart buildings” is they’re not actually smart. At best, they are merely “connected.” Of course, we all know this to be true, but as an industry, we lack the vocabulary to distinguish how smart “smart” is, and thus, we lean...

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A Digital Network to Control a Modern DES

With recent advancements in monitoring technology and the advent of emerging distributed energy sources (such as rooftop solar, geo-exchange fields, battery storage, heat recovery chillers, smart meters and building energy systems), a modern digital network enables system operators to introduce...


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Data Informed Decision Making

Historical system data is a valuable tool to inform decision making but many utilities do not prioritize the collection of high quality data. We will discuss the importance and value of high quality data to optimizing system operation, efficiency and reliability, as well as cover key factors to...


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Energy Conservation Through Sub-Metering at Northwestern University

Northwestern University made a public commitment to reduce its energy consumption by 20% by the year 2020. utiliVisor, a third party utility metering energy consulting and advisory firm, centralized the utility data collection of over 915 meters, provided an auditable, online web dashboard of...


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Hydronic Flow & Energy Metering: Best Practices for Selecting & Installing the RIGHT Metering Tech

What’s Driving the Need to Measure Flow in Today’s HVAC Applications?Why Do We Need to Measure Flow?How Does Buying a Flow Meter Save Energy?What Should I Consider When Buying a Flow Meter?How Can I Make Sure That It Is Installed Correctly?What Do I Need to Watch Out For?In this presentation, we...


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Microgrid Control Integration to Maximize Performance and Value

Track: Microgrids for Enhanced Resiliency Workshop Speakers Bruce Campbell, Eaton #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2019 #Workshop #Microgrids #Eaton #MeteringandControls

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Microgrid Controls: Demystifying the Glue that Pulls It All Together

Track: Microgrids for Enhanced Resiliency Workshop Speakers Serge Zinger, Thermo Systems #AnnualConference #2019 #ConferenceProceeding #Microgrids #Microgrids #Workshop #MeteringandControls

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