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Saturated Steam Mass Metering

Summary A meter that cross references a cone meter and vortex meter measures saturated steam quality and total mass flow. Data from saturated steam field tests at an oil field are discussed. The meter’s diagnostic system’s independent ability to monitor changing steam. Poster Session Speakers...


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Factory Installed Meters Reduce Installation Cost for NYC Sub-metering

Summary Residential sub-metering for cooling and heating is on the rise, however, the cost can still a limiting factor; especially in larger cities where labor rates are high. Recently, one NYC developer worked with it's vendors in the design stage to allow Btu meters to be factory installed,...


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Modern Connected Systems and Digital Infrastructure

Summary A discussion of connected system benefits - helping operators understand & justify investing in a modern, digital infrastructure. We’ll explore how two district energy system operators tied in data from SCADA, weather forecasts, and historical customer usage patterns to provide the...


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The Next Evolution: Connected Buildings

Summary Buildings consume almost half of the world’s energy and the majority of it can be attributed to heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems. Connected buildings and controls bring numerous benefits to building owners and managers. For every benefit, the challenges...


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Forecasting and Data Management Tools For Utilities Assets Scheduling

Summary The reliability of scheduling systems depends heavily on the quality of the forecasts of key external variables (e.g. electricity prices, steam demand). We have developed a rich set of data management tools to allow the user to generate these forecasts and have incorporated them in our...


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New Hampshire needs net metering expansion

Tony Giunta, David Worthen and Cordell Johnston, NH Business Review Summary New Hampshire’s businesses and municipalities are continually searching for opportunities that can help them reduce their electricity costs, enhance revenues and become more energy independent. Net metering under...

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Con Edison CEO: Smart Meters, Technology and Renewables Will Improve Service to Customers

Press Release, Globe Newswire NEW YORK, May 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Consolidated Edison, Inc., (Con Edison) (NYSE: ED ) Chairman and CEO John McAvoy told a shareholder audience that smart meters, technology investments, and increased integration of renewables will improve service to...

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Dubai Airports to save 20% on annual energy bill with Siemens solution

Press Release, Zawya Siemens guarantees power and water savings for seven years. Data analytics from automation systems used to design tailor-made energy conservation measures Dubai Airports will use Siemens’ data analytics and smart building technology to guarantee annual...

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Bornholm Island Acts as Microgrid Lab for Denmark’s Green Ambitions

Yasmin Ali, Microgrid Knowledge Summary Denmark has an ambitious target to produce 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2050. But integrating renewable energy into the system makes it difficult to balance the intermittent supply with demand. With its high abundance of...

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Veolia launches new range of energy efficiency services to reduce costs and cut carbon

Press Release, Veolia Global resource management company, Veolia, has launched a new range of energy efficiency and monitoring services which are designed to help organisations cut their emissions, reduce costs and energy consumption, and achieve the ISO 50001 energy management standard. With...