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Brownfields Redevelopment Receives Boost Under the BUILD Act

Amy P. Wang, The National Law Review Summary Redevelopment of environmentally-damaged property has seen steady growth in North Carolina and nationwide. The attraction to dense, urban communities offering work/live/play opportunities and away from suburban living has provided profitable...

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New campus generator to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Dan Gilliam, Technician Summary A new generator on Centennial Campus has recently been installed, increasing energy efficiency and cutting down on dependence on outside energy. The Centennial Campus Central Utility Plant contains the new generator, which is expected to cut down on NC State...

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Wastewater treatment plants add biogas-fueled CHP

This article appears in the Q2 2018 of District Energy magazine. Two projects demonstrate the use of biogas to cogenerate heat and power, boosting the sustainability of wastewater treatment operations. Water reclamation facilities – an important and often less visible component of...

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Duke delays construction of proposed power plant indefinitely

The Chronicle Summary Duke has decided to delay construction indefinitely of a proposed Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant, the University announced Friday. Instead, the University will pursue opportunities to employ biogas and other fuels for its energy. The proposed plant has drawn ...

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IDEA Letter to Duke Administration Outlining CHP Experience of Peer Campuses

In 2016 Duke University announced plans to build a new Combined Heat and Power plant in partnership with Duke Energy on their main campus in Durham. Since the announcement, the university has faced some opposition largely related to concerns around fuel sources and potential environmental...

IDEA Letter to Duke Administration Outlining CHP Experience of Peer Campuses.pdf

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In North Carolina, lots of hog waste — but can it scale as an energy source?

Elizabeth Outz, Energy News Network PHOTO BY Kansas State University Summary A new project is helping Duke Energy meet a mandate to generate a small portion of its power from pig waste. The molecules combusted at a North Carolina power plant now include some that originated not from...

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Cooling Tower Basin Design at University of Texas, University of Missouri, and UNC Chapel Hill

Speakers Kevin Fox, Jacobs Engineering #CampusEnergyConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #DistrictCooling #JacobsEngineering #UNCChapelHill #NorthCarolina #UniversityofTexasAustin #Texas #Austin #UniversityofMissouri #Missouri


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Drought Mitigation: Replacing Potable Water For Cooling With Reclaimed Water

Speakers Douglas Mullen, UNC Chapel Hill Maurice Galey, NALCO #ConferenceProceeding #CampusEnergyConference #2014 #UNCChapelHill #NALCO #WaterConservation #NorthCarolina #WaterTreatment

7A.1_Mullen_ Galey.pdf

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Using CHP to Save Energy & Improve Energy Security at North Carolina State University

Speakers Alan Daeke and Jeff Hightower, NC State Rick Bourn, Jacobs Engineering #CampusEnergyConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #CHP #NorthCarolinaStateUniversity #NorthCarolina #JacobsEngineering

2A.3_Daeke_ Hightower.pdf

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Reclaiming Water in Pender County, North Carolina

Summary Pender County, North Carolina is building a satellite water reclamation plant utilizing ecological treatment techniques to provide wastewater treatment services for the US Highway 421 corridor and provide reclaimed water for a future industrial park. The plant, known as a WaterHub™,...