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University of Minnesota shows off its new combined heat and power plant

Peter Myers, IDEA An interview with Jerome Malmquist, Director, Energy Management, University of Minnesota at a recent media tour of the new CHP plant. Photo: Peter Myers, IDEA A deteriorated, decommissioned 104-year-old heating plant on the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus has...

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IDEA: How Will Future Generations Judge Us?

Robert Bagatsing, Gineers Now Summary This November, we are featuring International District Energy Association (IDEA) and its President and CEO, Robert P. Thornton. IDEA, on its 109th year of continuous operation, has dedicated itself to promote energy efficiency, reliability and...

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IDEA Awarded "Best Main Site Design" for

Paige Davis, IDEA IDEA is proud to announce that our website has been awarded “Best Main Site Design” by Higher Logic at their 8th annual Higher Logic Super Forum, a national conference which took place October 15-17, 2017, at the Renaissance Capital View Hotel in Arlington, Va. As an...

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The 2014 District Energy Inventory for Canada

Summary The 2014 District Energy Inventory for Canada presents an updated snapshot of the thermal energy network across the country. We have identified 128 operating systems across the country and increased the comprehensiveness of our inventory and database. The development of this inventory...


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Expanding Our Network through Education: St Paul EcoDistrict Case Study

Summary District Energy St. Paul has been educating visitors for decades through facility tours. In 2015, it launched an EcoDistrict project that will use walking tours, a mobile web interface, and a promotional partnership to educate thousands of people about district energy infrastructure and...


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On infrastructure investment, don't miss the forest for the trees

Rob Thornton, Smart Cities Dive Summary Two visions for U.S. infrastructure investment have emerged, one proposed by President Donald Trump and one by Senate Democrats. They attempt to capitalize on bipartisan support and excitement generated during the presidential election. Both call for up...

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Finding the Money for District Energy System Projects

Summary Despite a growing recognition of the bottom-line value of CHP, District Energy and other energy efficiency/energy conservation projects, getting budget approval and financing remains a principal hurdle to implementing these projects. This presentation will offer an overview of...

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Abbott Power Plant: Powerful Learning Begins Here

University of Illinois Facilities and Services July 6, 2017 Summary Most days, the engineers, mechanics, pipefitters, and steamworkers of Abbott Power Plant operate in the background on the University of Illinois campus in Urbana-Champaign, ensuring electricity is ready for over 43,000...

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Governance Models and Strategic Decision-Making Processes for Deploying Thermal Grids

Summary The changing global energy landscape faces a variety of challenges in providing the energy infrastructure needed to meet the electricity, heating, and cooling needs of an energy-driven world. A great deal of attention has been paid to addressing the challenges on the electricity side,...